Maharana Pratap 31st December 2014 Written Update

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Maharana Pratap 31st December 2014 Written Update by Pooja

Maharana Pratap 31st December 2014 Written Episode

Maan brings Pratap to another room. She is all hyper so he suggests her to take deep breaths. She finally tells him that Choti Ma wants to kill Ajabde Bhabhi ji. Pratap looks at her in shock for a second and then starts to laugh. Maybe you have most my mind. Why would she do it? Maan says I have proof. He refuses to believe her. how can I doubt on my Choti Ma after listening to your rubbish stories? I have accepted her as my mother from my heart. You want me to think of her as a murderer? She loves me and Ajabde a lot. Maan explains that Choti Ma is just a medium. She doesn’t want to kill Ajabde Bhabhi. She stops before taking the name of the culprit while he waits impatiently for her answer. Maan takes DB’s name. Pratap is stunned. Maan nods. She is after you. she wishes ill for you. she only wants to kill Ajabde Bhabhi ji. Before calling me mad again please listen to me once. You will believe my words then. he tells her to begin.

VB is thinking about DB while she makes the laddoo. Hansa comes there. We have decided to do the Gauna in the main hall of the palace. Rawat ji has brought so many things with him that this room will not be sufficient for it. VB asks her if all the things in the room will be shifted there. How much time will it take? Hansa assures her that everything will happen smoothly. Let’s go. VB picks up the plate of laddoo. Hansa tells her to give it to the daasi as she is not feeling well but VB wants to take it herself. This is the special laddoo for my DIL. How can I leave it in a daasi’s hand? Hansa agrees.

Maan has told everything to Pratap. Will you still doubt me? Rani Ma (DB) has planned it perfectly to kill Ajabde Bhabhi sa during her Gauna. She hates you. Pratap tells Maan to stop. Enough! She goes quiet. He says I will tell you a story I had heard in my childhood, that I still remember. Maan is restless thinking about Rani Ma’s plan of killing Ajabde Bhabhi. You are telling me stories. He says, once upon a time there was a young man who had taken the wrong path. He got addicted to gambling. Because of that he lost everything that belonged to his mother and then all the stuff in the house. His mother begged him not to do that but he had badly fallen for alcohol and gambling. He dint listen to his mother. In the end he killed his mother with the axe. He cut her into pieces, kept them in a basket and went to jungle to hide the crime he had committed. He was scared while he was walking. He was about to trip over a stone when he heard his mother calling out to him, asking him if he is alright. This is what a mother is. She can get killed from her own child’s hands but is still worried about her child if he gets hurt. How can I accept it that Rani Ma thinks against me and my wife? Why should I not believe it that you saw a bad dream? Answer me. Maan knows that he is a very good human being which is why he finds good in everything, including the stories. She notices VB and Hansa passing by from there and recalls how VB had mixed poison in the laddoo she is holding in the plate. You wont understand Dada bhai. She leaves from there sadly while he shakes his head.

Maan calls out for her Choti Ma. Give me this plate. It looks heavy. I will hold it for you. VB denies. Hansa too tells Maan to let it be. VB wants to do everything for her DIL with her own hands. Looks like she is really excited to take Ajabde to her home. Why should we stop her then? VB agrees that it is true. VB yet again refuses to give the plate to Maan. Bring your Bhabhi ji to the hall once she is ready. Maan has no option but to agree. VB and Hansa leave. Maan thinks of telling Ajabde. Dada bhai is blind in his love for Rani Ma. I will have to tell Bhabhi Sa that she doesn’t have to eat this laddoo come what may!

Ajabde gets ready. CK puts a black dot (kajal) behind her ear to keep the evil eyes away from her. Maan comes running there. She sends CK outside but CK is reluctant. Ajabde tells CK to bring matching flowers for her that will coordinate with her dupatta. CK leaves happily.

Ajabde asks Maan what it is. Maan says it is really important. I told Dada bhai as well but! Pratap adds that he dint agree with you. he came in his wife’s room to talk to her. Maan wants to tell it all to Ajabde but Pratap wants to talks to Ajabde in private. Maan leaves from there reluctantly.

He doesn’t share what Maan had told me. she asks about his opinion on how she is looking. He reminds her of what she had said a while back about the same. inner beauty is way more important. He turns to go as he has to get ready. She says I got ready for you. it is nothing? At times one has to appreciate outer beauty (appearance too). He turns to look at her. you look alright. She points out that he dint even look at her properly. They both share a long eye lock. He says people say if we stare at someone, who is beautiful, for a long time then evil eyes befall on them. this is why I am not looking at you. she has always prayed that he looks at her forever. go get ready and take me to my home. He nods and then leaves from there. Ajabde asks herself if it was her dream.

Maan paces in her room worriedly. I understand everything Dada bhai. You needed peace to send me out from there. Pratap tells Maan not to say another word on that imaginary topic. I have to get ready. She cannot let him take such a big risk but he makes tells her to understand him properly. If I accept it for a second that what you are saying is true then let Rani Ma or Choti Ma kill me or my wife if that is what they want. There is nothing to be ashamed of in sacrificing your life for your mother. If this is what they want then I will do that happily. he gives her a task. Tell Rawat ji to give me my dagger before my Gauna. She is tensed. Gauna is about to begin. He assures her that she will be back before it. will you not fulfil my wish? She begins to go when he requests her not to say anything to anyone regarding this topic. She nods.

Gauna begins. Hansa brings Ajabde and makes her sit beside Pratap. Priest asks VB to keep the plate of the special sweet along with the other things. VB obliges. CK is looking for Maan. Pratap tells her that Maan has gone to get something from Rawat ji. Ajabde cutely tells Pratap against it. the Gauna has already begun. CK offers to go and bring her jija right away. priest tells her to bring some tulsi leaves with her. CK nods. Pratap asks Ajabde if he can count it as he first scolding. She denies.

Maan gets to know that Rawat ji is in the weapon practise area. Rawat ji is impressed with Patta for training Bijolia’s soldiers. Patta gives credit to Pratap. Maan reaches there and greets Rawat ji. She asks him about the dagger and gets to know that he has given that dagger to Pratap already. This means Dada bhai sent me here so as to divert me. he did this intentionally. CK comes there to call her jija. Maan runs inside with her sister.

Maan is walking really fast while CK tells her to wait for a minute as she needs to take tulsi leaves with her. Maan says I cannot wait for another second or everything will be ruined. Maan heads towards the main hall. CK decides to bring tulsi leaves on her own.

Afghan fighters reach Bijolia’s entry point.

Priest asks the bride and groom to feed sweet to each other. Hansa tells VB that it is time to make them eat the special laddoo that she has made for the bride and groom. Maan reaches the room where the Gauna was planned earlier. VB hears DB’s voice again, prodding her not to think anymore. It is best that Pratap is going to make Ajabde eat this poisonous laddoo with his own hands. Give it to Pratap. Maan turns to go but she notices a dead rat on the floor near some bits of the laddoo. She gasps in shock.

Pratap takes the laddoo from his Choti Ma. Maan is looking for the hall where the Gauna is happening. Maan starts running. Ajabde takes a piece from the laddoo. Maan reaches there just when she puts it in her mouth. Maan looks at her in shock.

Precap: Afghan fighters kill a few people from Bijolia and don their attire. Rawat ji tells Pratap to leave for Chittor right away. Informer tells Afghan fighters that Chittor is making preps to send Pratap back to his home completely safe and sound. Afghan fighters decide to attack him as soon as he is out from here.

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