Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 31st December 2014 Written Update

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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 31st December 2014 Written Update by H Hasan

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 31st December 2014 Written Episode

The episode starts with Ragini sending Agam with Neil and crying looking him leaving. Her mom asks why did she send Agam when she is in so much pain. She says Neil had come to remind if she gets closer with his kids, he will take her kids with him. Mom says all 4 children belongs to them. She says they both have divided and cannot unite again.


Ragini looks at her and Neil’s happier days pic with children and cries. She wishes happy birthday to Agam. Nishi and Arav on the other side also are sad. Neil takes Agam back to Karan’s house. Pam and everyone make him cut cake and celebrate his birthday. He hugs Pam and cries vigorously. Teri aahaten yahin hai… plays in the background.


Nivedita comes to Neil’s room and apologizes him for provoking him to bring back Agam from Ragini’s house. He says it is not her mistake, but his as he got insecure and separated Agam from his mom again. Nivedita asks him to relax and says Ragini’s children are happy as Ragini has moved on with another man and they are getting both mom and dad’s love, so he should also move on and let his kid get mom’s love. She hugs him. He moves on. She thinks she will take his wife’s place.



Aman comes to hospital, sees Ragini upset and asks her about it. She says she is not. He asks her to hide her face when lying. Devika says she is upset as Neil has not come to hospital yet. Aman thinks she gets upset if Neil is around. Neil comes there and asks Devika to come to his cabin. Devika gets happy and says Ragini that he is liking her. Ragini says he is not a right person.


Devika goes to Neil’s cabin. Neil says AC is not working and asks her to get it repaired. Devika says Ragini takes care of it and she is very efficient. Neil starts badmouthing about Ragini and says she is controlling her husband Aman and continues.. She is about to say that they are not married, but Neil asks her to go and hold Aman’s hand and see Ragini’s reaction.


Devika goes and asks Ragini how can she lie about her and Aman’s marriage. They both go to Aman’s cabin and Aman tries to explain that they are not married. Devika asks if they are in a live-in relationship. Ragini says they are not and tells she is doing this drama for Neil, tells about Nishi’s engagement issue and asks her to keep quiet until Nishi gets married. Devika asks Amana nd Ragini to inform her firs when they marry. Aman says sure, but looks at Ragini and stops. He gives money to Ragini and says she paid this extra money in her EMI. She takes and leaves.


Ragini calls Sunny who is with Nishi, who is cutting onion and crying. Sunny asks her why did she call her when she is sad, as she has lost 5 lakhs. Ragini asks if she gambled. Sunny says it is virtual game money. Ragini says she got some money now and wants to celebrate Arav’s birthday party, but does not know to arrange it such a short span. Sunny says she will arrange it, cuts call and tells Nishi that she will call Agam to make Arav happy. Nishi says Ragini will get angry. Sunny says she may scold her, but seeing Arav happy she will also get happy.


Sunny calls on Agam’s phone. Pam picks it, hears Sunny’s voice and tells Nivedita that Ragini’s best friend has called and continues yelling at Sunny. Sunny says she likes her when she yells, tells her that Ragini has inivited Agam for Arav’s birthday. Pam fumes. Nivedita asks her to stop shouting and think keeping her in Ragini’s place, she would have let Agam meet her. Pam says she will not. Nivedita suggests her to throw a more lavish party and invite Ragini and her children. Pam likes her idea and asks Dimpy to arrange it. Dimpy says Agam is like her son and she will arrange it.


Suhani calls Agam and asks her why is he sad on his birthday. He says he cannot and tells her he went to Ragini’s house and rest of incident. Pam takes phone from her and speaks. Suhani asks her to cheer up Agam. Pam says okay and says she is throwing a party for him and asks him to invite Arav. Agam texts Arav. Pam thinks she will insult Arav and Ragini in lieu of party.



Precap: Agam greets Arav when he arrives for birthday party and wishes him happy birthday, asks if Ragini did not. Arav says they will take time in getting ready, so he came early. Ranbir sees Arav and thinks of insulting him.

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  1. sv
    January 01, 12:42 Reply

    This is getting really stupid. start bringing them together instead of sending them apart. stop using the kids as a tool to separate them. in the opening commercials it was shown that the kids would be used to bring them together NOT to separate them.

    Pam needs to die or change.

    Ragini needs more strength to fight for herself against Pam and prevent Neil from emotionally blackmailing her.

    Nishi’s idea was to bring her parents together, why isn’t she doing that.

    This show started well but now it’s just a waist of time. It’s a typically Ekta serial with fighting, and crying. When I started watching this I thought this would be different from a typical Ekta serial.

  2. her
    December 31, 16:41 Reply

    Who is ranbir please? They show 5 children and a they talk about 4? Am confused.

    • Kushi Felix
      December 31, 17:56

      Nishi,Agam,Arav,Ranbir are Niel and Ragini’s 4 Kids.
      And Suhani is mysterious.

  3. rekha
    December 31, 14:02 Reply

    Please please get rid of the screaming MAD woman Pam. I HATE her….Ekta please can you give Ragini a bit more character so that when Pam screams and shouts st her she retailiates. Its annoying that Pam speaks rudely to everyone. All teh men in Ekta’s serials are liek wimps with women like Pam.

    Seems like Ekta hates men and uses characters liek Pam to show her dominance which in reality she cannot do. Man Hater!!!!

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