Main Hoon Saath Tere 20th June 2024 Written Update

Main Hoon Saath Tere 20th June 2024 Written Update by Tanaya

Main Hoon Saath Tere 20th June 2024 Written Episode

Aryaman asks Janvi to give him just five minutes. Janvi pleads with Aryaman to let her do her work, but Aryaman refuses to give her the papers. Seeing this, Brij Bhushan thinks that while Suyesh suggested a perfect girl for Aryaman, Aryaman is getting too close to Janvi, which he believes is wrong. Brij Bhushan closes the doors and asks Janvi for the papers. Janvi hands them over, and Brij Bhushan asks her to put them in order. She agrees. Brij Bhushan then tells Aryaman to go take a test, and Aryaman agrees, deciding to apologize to Kian for hiding the truth about his identity.

Aryaman goes to Kian’s classroom window and apologizes, but Kian refuses to forgive him. Prince sees this and complains to the teacher that Kian is distracting the class. The teacher questions Kian, who denies doing anything. Aryaman leaves, worried that he might get Kian into trouble.

Prince confronts Kian, asking why he ignored Aryaman’s apology. Kian replies that Aryaman hurt Janvi, so he won’t talk to him. Prince, angry, humiliates Kian by throwing trash at him in front of the whole class.

Back home, Aryaman asks Suyesh why he was urgently called. Suyesh informs him that Sadhu has been arrested. The Bundela family feels relieved. Murali tells Aryaman that Sadhu claimed he did all the wrong deeds under Raina’s instructions. Aryaman insists that Sadhu is lying, recalling Sadhu’s threat to kill him and blame Raina. Janvi remembers Sadhu telling her the same thing. Aryaman urges Murali to give his statement to the police. Suyesh tells Raina that Aryaman will clear her name quickly.

Janvi enters a cold room and finds Aryaman there. He explains that he made the room cold so she would cool down and listen to him. Janvi refuses. Aryaman, as her boss, orders her to express her thoughts about him. Janvi accuses Aryaman of lying to save his sister, but Aryaman insists he’s telling the truth.

Later, Janvi asks Kian why he hasn’t eaten. Kian says no one wants to be friends with him because she always makes roti and vegetables. He asks for pizza and other food. Janvi insists that Chapati is good for him, but Kian gets upset and leaves.

Determined to surprise Kian, Janvi decides to make pizza for him. Meanwhile, Aryaman brings Kian’s favourite food to apologize. Kian, feeling regretful for lashing out at Janvi, decides to apologize and makes a chart.

Aryaman finds Kian sleeping and decides to surprise him by placing the apology chart on the mirror and the food on the table. Hearing Janvi approaching, Aryaman hides under a blanket.

Precap: Aryaman says to Janvi that, I changed my identity because my father never accepted me as his son. Brij Bhushan says that on Piyush’s advice, I have fixed Aryaman’s marriage with Moushmi. Janvi looks at everything and thinks, Aryaman lied to me his father accepted him as his son.

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