Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 20th June 2024 Written Update

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 20th June 2024 Written Update by Sona

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 20th June 2024 Written Episode

Mohan says he will perform the last rites of his wife with his own hands, and so prays that Bhagwan should give peace to her Aatma, he after making a hole in the pot starts circling the body which is about to be burnt, Radhika along with the other members of the Kholi family are looking at him along with the Trivedi’s, Radhika thinks of the ay when Mohan took her responsibility in the Trivedi Bhawan, and then he welcomed her into that house with the respect that she deserves, she keeps thinking how they both would enjoy spending time with each other and were very happy together, she thinks when Mohan said that Radha is the actual wealth of his family, Mohan suddenly stops while throwing the pot which breaks on the floor, Gungun keeps crying witnessing it. Kadambari however is smiling. Mohan then goes to the photo of Radha, Gungun requests her father to not do it but Meera says Gungun must not stop her father, Mohan lights the match stick to burn the stick with which he is about to ignite the fire, Gungun pleads with her father to not do it, kadambari thinks she desired Radha be burnt just like Tulsi but she is having the same pleasure seeing her statue burn, as she will feel calm by it. Radhika holds Yug by her hand. Mohan while holding the stick remembers when Rahda questioned how can she see him enjoy with someone else while knew he can never do anything to hurt her as he also loves her the same way like she loves him and how would she be able to live if he goes to be with someone else, Mohan thinks how he promised to not let Radha suffer as he is going to stand by her side.

Mohan raises the stick forward but then in frustration throws it and then even removes the statue from the sticks, he gets frustrated seeing which everyone is worried. Mohan starts crying which worries everyone present there, Mohan wonders what is he doing as why is Radha not leaving him alone, he has tried a lot that Radha leaves him it cannot happen. He says why is he being so troubled, Radhika starts clapping and coming to him says she knew that he is the same Mohan Trivedi who was seven years ago, but see as what he has done and his actions have proved that he still loves her and he is coming after her, while he still wants to come back in her life but she has left him behind and moved on but he is not able to let go of her. Mohan has done a lot to get her back but she did not give him any importance and he is doing this drama because she does not want to have any relation with him. Radha says Mohan should listen to one thing that the rules of the society have been broken and now he would have to suffer by it, Mohan asks what are the rules, Radhika reveals that he has ignited the Chita which is against the rule of the society, and if he wants to hold any possession then has to give it in writing to the secretary, as the drama that he did yesterday caused a lot of problems while the third rule, he came drunk the day before yesterday was also against the rules of the society. Radhika replies that the peace of the neighbors has been ruined by his actions, Radhika calls the officer when the person coming explains all of the actions of Mohan are against the rules of the society, he hands Mohan a letter who asks what is it.

Radhika replies that this is the first notice for breaking the rules, and Radhika must know that there is no place for the person who keeps breaking the rules, they send three notices from which the first has been sent and two are left, after which they will throw them out of the house so he should be prepared to leave his house. Radha says she knows he cannot change because if it was possible then he would not be standing like this here. Mohan says that the one who does wrong tends to suffer but the one who has suffer a heartbreak knows it and Radha can never understand what it feels like to suffer because for it one should have a heart which she obviously does not have, she should give this threat to someone else as time would tell who will live here or not. Radhika asks Yug to come and leaves to her house, Meera comes to Mohan asking if he has gotten mad and says he can lie to everyone but not himself, and his actions have proved that he still loves Radha in the same manner, he tried it all by bringing the barat to divorce her and then revealed the truth about her past while now did this for a living person. Meera says Mohan was not able to burn the Chita of his love so asks why is he doing it, Mohan walks back without answering her, she replies it will not change the truth. Meera is worried.

Gungun coming says even if they donot accept but her parents still love each other in the same manner, ketki comes to Gungun asking if she has lost her mind because the Radha due to which Mohan bhai got ruined, he still loves her and is Gungun looking at his condition. Gungun replies she knows ketki is worried for her brother but he is also her father and she gets in a lot of pain seeing him suffer but knows the medicine to his pain and she is Ramaa. Gungun says her father would go back to being the same Mohan if Ramaa comes back to his life.

Yug in the house exclaims that she has done a very good thing while he is going to give the second notice but wonders how will he do it, Yug sees the delivery girl standing outside the Trivedi house so thinks he sometimes gets ideas very easily, he leaves after wearing the coat.

Mohan is massaging the feet of Kadambari while constantly thinking about how Radha said that he is still not able to move on but doing it because he has taken it on his ego that she has no interest in keeping a relation with him, she even said that he would be ousted of this society.

Kadambari thinks there are a lot of benefits of acting as everyone keeps caring for them while they donot have to do any work, she thinks she would be fine when she gets bored with this act and these people who love her so much would be happy.

The sales girl is about to leave when Yug comes asking if she is selling the things, she gets excited asking him to send the women of the house but Yug replies that they all are beautiful but asks if the girl wants to earn some extra money, she gets hesitant replying she is not like that girl and tries to leave however Yug offers her five hundred thousand, he says he has the quality of being able to convince people, she asks what does she have to do, Yug explains the entire plan hearing which the girl starts smiling.

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