Main Hoon Saath Tere 3rd June 2024 Written Update

Main Hoon Saath Tere 3rd June 2024 Written Update by Tanaya

Main Hoon Saath Tere 3rd June 2024 Written Episode

Janvi is thinking about whether Kian is happy with her marrying Sadhu.

Reva tells Pushkar she wants to do IVF. Pushkar says they don’t have enough money. Reva gives Pushkar some money she has saved and asks him to add more so they can afford the IVF treatment. Pushkar sarcastically says he’ll use the money to buy a suit for himself. Reva gets angry and tells Pushkar that if he wants to see her happy, she needs a child.

Janvi calls Reva to ask if she noticed Kian’s reaction when they talked about the wedding. Reva admits she didn’t notice. Janvi decides to ask Murali instead.

Janvi sees Aryaman browsing an escort agency website and asks what he’s doing. Aryaman explains that he’s been assigned to investigate the escort agency operating in their hotel. Janvi offers to help, and they browse through escort websites but don’t find any information about a woman named Swapna.

Later, Janvi asks Aryaman if Kian is happy with the wedding. Aryaman recalls Kian’s uncertainty but lies, saying Kian will be very happy with the wedding. Janvi remains unsure and decides she needs to hear it from Kian directly. She video calls Sadhu and asks to speak to Kian. Sadhu agrees and hands the phone to Kian. During the call, Janvi notices Swapna in the background and quickly ends the call.

Janvi tells Aryaman that she saw Swapna during the video call and that Swapna is currently in the shopping mall. Aryaman and Janvi rush to the mall, but Dadi and Ritu stop Janvi, saying it’s inauspicious for her to leave the house before her engagement. Aryaman decides to go alone to search for Swapna.

Meanwhile, Kian finds Sadhu in a fitting room with Swapna on his lap.

Ritu and Dadi try to get Janvi ready for the engagement, but Janvi insists she needs to talk to Kian first. If he isn’t happy, she won’t go through with the wedding. Dadi stops her, insisting that Kian will be happy with the wedding, and makes Janvi swear not to back out.

At the mall, Aryaman runs into Sadhu and shows him Swapna’s photo, saying they need to find her to prove Janvi’s innocence. Sadhu pretends to help.

Aryaman finds Kian and shows him Swapna’s photo. Kian tells Aryaman he saw Swapna with Sadhu in the fitting room. Aryaman rushes out of the mall and sees Swapna leaving in a car with Sadhu and Raina hiding inside. He realizes the people who attacked Brij Bhushan are the same ones running the escort racket.

Aryaman returns to Kian, who complains that Sadhu is a bad person and will never be a good husband for Janvi. Kian wants to tell Janvi, but Aryaman advises him not to because no one will believe him without proof. Aryaman promises to stop the engagement and asks Kian to keep quiet for now. Kian agrees.

Precap: The boy’s mother requests to have a chunri ceremony first with Janvi then proceed with the ring ceremony. Janvi sits down for the ceremony. Kian thinking about Aryaman. Janvi asks Kian why he is upset. Pushkar on a phone call with Aryaman asks him why he is calling continuously. Aryaman says that, make sure Janvi doesn’t get engaged. Pushkar says you can’t stop the ceremony, she will get engaged today. Aryaman says I have to reach the venue before the ring ceremony.

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