Main Hoon Saath Tere 7th July 2024 Written Update

Main Hoon Saath Tere 7th July 2024 Written Update by Tanaya

Main Hoon Saath Tere 7th July 2024 Written Episode

Janvi goes to the school because Kian hasn’t come home. The teacher suggests Janvi ask the bus conductor where Kian is. Janvi worries about finding the conductor at this hour. Just then, Aryaman brings the bus conductor. The teacher asks Aryaman who he is, and he explains that he is from the Bundela family, which runs the school. The teacher assures Aryaman that she saw Kian get on the bus. The bus conductor realizes he might not have checked the bus thoroughly.

Meanwhile, Kian regains consciousness in the bus and looks around. The conductor and teacher start blaming each other, but Aryaman stops their argument and scolds them for being irresponsible. Kian’s spectacles fall, and he searches for them. Aryaman grabs the watchman’s collar, demanding to know where Kian is. Janvi asks Aryaman how he knew Kian was missing, and he says Dadi informed him. Janvi tells Aryaman she doesn’t need his help, but Aryaman insists Kian is his responsibility too.

Janvi pleads with the teacher, watchman, and conductor to find Kian, but they all claim not to know where he is. Janvi dismisses them, and Aryaman asks why. Janvi says there is one place left in the school to check. Prince calls his friend Prateek and boasts about making Kian drink a whole bottle of adult cough syrup. Prateek warns him that his doctor father said kids can have hallucinations from that. Kian imagines seeing Janvi in the bus, tries to hug her, and falls down.

Janvi and Aryaman search for Kian in the changing room. Prince warns Prateek not to tell anyone about his involvement. The caretaker overhears Prince mentioning Kian and asks him where Kian is. Raina arrives and questions what’s happening. The caretaker tells her that Prince mentioned Kian. Prince denies it, and Raina scolds the caretaker.

Aryaman tells Janvi he was added to the school group and saw a video of Kian, realizing that Kian left the school on the bus. They decide to check the bus.

Suhasini tells Dadi to leave their house. Suyesh hears Dadi and approaches her. Dadi asks Suyesh not to trouble Janvi using Kian. Suyesh denies knowing anything about Kian. Raina brings caretaker Reeva to the hall. Reeva asks Ujwala for help regarding Kian. Raina threatens to call the police, but Dadi rebukes her and leaves with Reeva. Later, the media blames Suyesh for Kian’s disappearance. The Bundela family watches the news, and Suyesh, disappointed, makes a comment about Janvi’s family. Meanwhile, Kian’s hallucinations put him in danger.

Precap: Janvi and Aryaman are looking for Kian on school buses. Ujwala calls Janvi and tells her that Kian is still on the school bus because Prince gave him a whole bottle of adult cough syrup. Kian is lying on the bus floor looking for help.

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