Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 7th July 2024 Written Update

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 7th July 2024 Written Update by Sona

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 7th July 2024 Written Episode

The doctor informs the Inspector about the post mortum explaining it is a sudden death and would have happened at the time of the accident which is eleven, Gungun thinks she was filling the form at that time so this means someone else has killed Pari Dadi. Inspector then turns to Mohan but Gungun pulls him away saying she has to talk about something important.

Punam while constantly slapping Yug asks why did he kill his own Grandmother, Yug asks if Punam saw him kill her when Punam does not know the entire truth then should not have said it so he says he also loved his Grandmother in the same manner and it is two different things to either be angry or kill someone, Punam replies she knows what he can do or not do, she slaps him again and again asking why did he kill his own Grandmother. Yug then tries to console her, she asks what did he get by it but Yug says he did not kill Dadi with his own hands and did he not love his Grandmother so requests Punam to listen as he just scared her and was running after her but then a car hit her so it was an accident, Punam hugs him saying she has gone away so Yug walks out of the room.

Gungun takes Mohan into the room when he tells her that she is scared but they have to tell the truth and if her name comes at the time of investigation then she should accept it, Gungun says she did not kill Pari Dadi when Mohan asks if she is sure, Gungun replies the doctor said that pari Dadi died at eleven and she was already in the hospital at that time filling the form which she remembers as she looked at the watch and saw the time. Mohan is also stunned.

Yug sits in front of Radhika asking her to have water but she refuses when he says she might get ill without it, Yug asks his mother to sit beside Radhika, then kneeling asks his mother to take care of Radhika as he has a very heavy heart so wants to hug his Grandmother one last time, Yug goes into the morgue. Punam then consoles Radhika so they both start crying.

Yug enters after opening the door to the morgue, he stands beside the stretcher and slowly removes the cloth from her face, Yug then takes out the rose which he places by her side, explaining Pari Dadi likes them a lot and she would be wondering if he killed her but the truth is that he loves her a lot however what was the need for her to play hide and seek with Manan while enter the room but if she had even heard then why did she vow to bring Radhika and Mohan together when she knew he would not be able to bear it if she leaves after which what choice did he have left other then to kill her, Yug says he had to kill her. Yug think about how he tied the hands of his Grandmother while she kept pleading him to let her go, he then put her in the car even after covering her mouth, Yug furiously exclaims he has not done that much that she is screaming, after which he thought about going back to his house to decide, he then finally reached back home and was standing against his car exclaiming they make him do a lot of work as he works for twelve hours so he started thinking about his net plan, he then saw Gungun and Sargam playing in the main area of the house.

Yug started smiling thinking as far as he knows there is no one in the house of Mr Trivedi and Mohan has gone with someone while even Ajeet and ketki are not here so he saw Gungun giving the milk to Sargam he then slowly entered their house as Sargam was playing after which he put a pill in her glass of milk, before slowly walking out of the house after which it all happened according to his plan, Gungun came to him seeking help but he instigated her to take the car and help herself to which Gungun agreed but how could she have known he has prepared a film, he had ordered the person to complete the work after which he will get paid then the person threw the doll at the car of Gungun who panicked thinking she has killed someone and then he scared her so she leaves, Yug says that Gungun thinks she has killed her and does she remember that in his childhood when he would fail in the school then she would say Bhagwan does it all for the good and she died while the blame would be on Gungun. Yug then started to enjoy for his victory thinking now he would have everything in control, Yug starts mimicking exclaiming she would understand when they would be tortured in the cell, but he says he used to love her a lot however did not have any other choice Yug recalls how he took her to the forest where he took her out of the car, and opened the hands along with the cover from her mouth asking her to show the face with a smile, Pari Dadi looks furiously at her calling him an animal, while vowing that she is a Pari and would not leave him.

Yug replies he has decided to let her go as he cannot act of being a villain anymore, he says now Dadi can go anywhere she likes to do and tell them that Yug is a monster because he is tired of himself since he cannot do this planning and plotting, Yug asks her to go as no on will stop her, Pari Dadi then start going the other direction but he said she must go the other way, Pari Dadi starts running when Yug closed the trunk and sitting on it started calling the girl explaining that she must perform the accident where is the CCTV and she should cover her hair while coming out of the car for a moment after which she should leave, the girl then started driving the car and she hit Pari Dadi from behind as she was running, the girl came out of the car wearing the same clothes as Gungun and she then drove away in the car. Yug says Pari Dadi wanted to reveal the truth about him but she is dead and now Gungun would be blamed for it so is going to jail. Yug says he vowed to make sure no one else is able to come close to Radhika as he will never allow it. Yug is adamant.

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