Main Hoon Saath Tere 9th July 2024 Written Update

Main Hoon Saath Tere 9th July 2024 Written Update by Tanaya

Main Hoon Saath Tere 9th July 2024 Written Episode

Janvi is very worried after learning that Kian drank the entire bottle of adult cough syrup. Aryaman, confused about the situation, takes the phone from Janvi to talk to Ujwala. Ujwala tells Aryaman that Kian drank the whole bottle of syrup and asks him to find Kian quickly. Aryaman calms Janvi down and asks her to call the bus driver to find out where he parked the bus. The bus driver says the bus is parked at Swastik Garage and that he has the keys. Aryaman and Janvi rush to the garage. On the way, Janvi’s foot gets stuck in a tire, and she finds the friendship band that Kian had tied to Aryaman. She ties it back on Aryaman’s hand, and they continue to Swastik Garage.

Meanwhile, Ujwala tells Reva and Shobha that Prince is responsible for Kian going missing because he made Kian drink the cough syrup out of jealousy. She apologizes for Prince’s behavior and asks them not to tell the media. Reva and Shobha agree, saying they just want Kian to come home safely. Suhasini overhears this and realizes her plan has failed.

Kian manages to get out of the bus through a window and looks for a way out of the garage. Suhasini sees reporters and decides to make Prince’s deed known. She pretends to talk on the phone, ensuring the reporters overhear her saying that Prince is responsible for Kian’s disappearance. The reporters feel they have a big scoop against the Bundela family.

Kian slips and falls in the garage, causing a petrol drum to overturn and spill petrol everywhere. He inhales a lot of smoke.

Aryaman and Janvi reach Swastik Garage and see smoke coming from the ventilation duct, making them worry even more for Kian.

Brij Bhushan comforts Suyesh, while Raina complains to the Bundela family about the reporters dragging Prince’s name into Kian’s disappearance. Brij Bhushan watches the video and is shocked by the reporters’ actions. Ujwala tells him that what the news is showing is true and that Prince admitted to her that he is responsible for Kian’s disappearance. Suhasini accuses Ujwala of telling the Joshi family, who leaked the news to the reporters. Raina accuses Ujwala of doing this to take revenge because she refused to have a baby. Raina says she will talk to Prince to find out the truth.

Aryaman and Janvi break the lock and enter the garage. They see Kian unconscious and trapped in the fire. Aryaman goes into the fire to rescue Kian, while Janvi puts out the fire on Aryaman’s shirt. They take Kian out of the garage and try to wake him up. In his sleep, Kian calls Aryaman “dad.”

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