Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 9th July 2024 Written Update

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 9th July 2024 Written Update by Sona

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 9th July 2024 Written Episode

Radhika asks Gungun to stop blaming Yug for everyone as she knows him for the past seven years and he cannot even kill a fly let alone his own grandmother, Gungun asks then why did he not help her last night, Radhika replies because he does not like her however Gungun says it cannot be such a small reason and Yug was provoking him. Mohan tells Radha it is not right to blame someone without any reason but now he also feels that Gungun is being blamed and he has to find out the truth, he says it now relates to the life of his daughter. Radhika agrees saying that she is going to tell Yug about it, since it also realtes to the death of Dadi. Mohan requests Radha to not tell anyone as they cannot tell while even Gungun pleads with her Ramaa but Radhika replies that she knows they have to pay the price for their sins and she knows that her father would do anything to safeguard her, Gungun must rest assured that she is still her mother and so Radha quickly leaves after taking the car of Mohan, Gungun requests her father to stop Ramaa but he says there is no point and they have to fight this war alone.

Radhika is driving the car thinking about how Mohan and Gungun said someone has planned it all and Gungun even said that Yug uncle provoked her to drive the car because she feels he wanted this accident to happen, Radhika apologizes to Gungun thinking she must do what is right otherwise she would be doing injustice with Pari Dadi.

Yug in the house tells the Inspector he does not know how it all happened as Pari Dadi was very simple and joyful person who would get up in the morning and do the yoga but now he does not have his Dadi. Radhika is trying to call Yug but he is busy talking with the inspector and does not answer her call, she gets worried wondering why is Yug not answering her call.

Gungun in the auto with Mohan says that Ramaa would have told everything with Yug, Mohan says Ba Kai Bihari jee is above everything and he is going to lead them to the truth, he hugs Gungun assuring she has not done anything wrong.

Yug asks the inspector if there is not any CCTV camera located near by, Inspector replies the area is vacant so how could there be any camera in that location. Yug sits back then after drinking some water is a bit restless, he says that the turn has a pan shop and there would be a camera there, inspector asks how does he know it in so much detail, Yug replies that she is his mother so explains that he has taken some cigarettes, informing there is a screen in their house about the camera. Radhika hearing the conversation wonders why is Yug lying to the Inspector and she wonders what if what Gungun was talking about Yug is the truth and he is trying to blame her, that Gungun is innocent. Radhika thinks she has to talk with Mohan jee and Gungun about it.

Mohan getting out of the auto pays the driver, Gungun is stunned seeing the inspector walking towards them so tells her father that the police is coming towards them. They both are standing when Gungun wonders if they are coming to arrest her, Mohan is looking at them and hugs Gungun while the Inspector leaves after looking at them both, Gungun is relieved saying she felt Ramaa has told them everything, Mohan informs her Ramaa loves her a lot, Radhika coming says that she loves her a lot but the reason she did not tell about her is different so ass them both to come inside before they can talk, Radhika holding their hands takes them into the house. Radhika apologizes to Gungun saying she thought wrong about her and even asks Mr Trivedi to forgive her as she even scolded him a lot, she should have realized that they donot hide the mistakes of the children but tend them punished however if Gungun had actually done it then he would have got her punished, Radhika says she now believes Gungun did not kill Radhika, Mohan asks the reason for this belief, Radhika replies she heard him talking with the police and he said that he smokes sometimes but he has asthma, Radhika replies she feels that Yug is the one trying to blame Gungun, Mohan says this is what he and Gungun had been trying to tell her, Radhika replies Yug has always been the perfect life partner to her and he should tell her how could she not trust him Mohan jee, hearing this Mohan and Gungun start crying while looking at her, Mohan says he heard Mohan jee after so many years and so not only his eyes but even the heart have gotten emotional, as if his Radha has returned to him who loves him a lot. Radha recalls when she confessed her love for Mohan jee at the Mandap while holding the Bhagwat Geeta. Mohan hugs Radha tightly after going to her while only thinking about the beautiful memories that they both had made together, Radha slowly starts raising her hands to embrace Mohan jee while also weeping thinking of how he would enjoy with her while she saw Yug lying to the Inspector.
Radha gets worried when Mohan asks the reason, Radha mentions if Yug has told the police about the footage and if they by mistake see Gungun in the footage then what if they arrest her, Radha replies she cannot let it happen to her Gungun, she runs out so Mohan and Gungun also follow her.

The three of them reach the location of the Pan shop, they get worried seeing it is closed, Mohan says that the hard drive would be inside so he ask them both to wait outside for him, he wonders how can he go inside as it is locked so thinks about checking from the back side where they might find a window, Mohan tries to open it but then Radha says she told him to be careful, Mohan says it can only be done by style, Radha asks why did he not do it before so he says it is about it however Mohan tries to go inside however Radha asks him to stop saying that he has gotten very fat and will get stuck but Mohan replies that he still looks very young, Radha replies she does not feel like it and if he keeps doing it then would not remain the same, Gungun starts smiling saying they both seem very cute while fighting, Radha thinks she has to hide her emotions for Mohan jee but he vows to get back her love, Radha starts looking at Mohan

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