Maitree 29th May 2023 Written Update

Maitree 29th May 2023 Written Update by Tanaya

Maitree 29th May 2023 Written Episode

Maitree is getting ready for her wedding. Sadhna notices Maitree and remarks that she is stunning. She places a black tika behind her ear and tells her that Baarat has arrived and she will greet them. Maitree concurs. Sadhna departs. Maitree believes she won’t be able to meet Sona and is unsure why she has a dreadful feeling something bad will happen. Nandini asks Sona whether she knows who Maitree is marrying. Sona makes a remark about her. Nandini shows Sona Harsh Pandit’s family photos. Sona is taken aback.

Harsh walks into Maitree’s room and attempts to cheer her up. Maitree expresses concern that Fan will arrive. Harsh claims they can handle everything. Maitree concurs. Harsh Pandit, according to Nandini, is the son of her husband and his second wife, Kamna Tiwari. Nandini worries Sona by claiming that Maitree would bring Kamna here and that our pride will be jeopardised if everyone finds out about your husband’s second marriage. Sona thanks Nandini for informing her and threatens to punish anyone who tries to tarnish her family’s image.

Harsh tells Maitree that he will never abandon her. Maitree inquires as to why he has come to her chamber. Harsh claims that Pandit summoned you but you did not respond, so he summoned me to take you to the mandap. Maitree inquires if he will take her. Harsh concurs. He lifts Maitree into his arms and leads her to the mandap.

Sona instructs her men to keep the items in the car. They load them into the automobile. Nandini arrives and says, “Let’s go, we’re running late.” Sona concurs. Through the window, Ashish notices them. Harsh and Maitree’s wedding preparations begin. Pandit requests that Maitree stand up for Pheras. They take a step forward and clasp each other’s hands. The weather suddenly shifts. Maitree is concerned after saving her nuptial knot from being destroyed. Ashish wonders where Nandini and Sona are going so quickly. Harsh and Maitree complete the pheras, after which Harsh binds the nuptial chain around Maitree’s neck and places Sindoor on her mang. Pandit declares that their marriage is over. Maitree and Harsh accept elders’ blessings.

Kamna is overjoyed to have a daughter like Maitree. Sona arrives with Nandini and requests that Maitree receive her blessings as well. Sadhna inquires of Dinesh whether he invited her. Dinesh declines. Sona reminds Maitree that she was previously married to her son, thus she came to fulfil her role as her mother in law. She requests that Maitree take money and jewellery. She humiliates Maitree by referring to her as greedy. She tosses money at Maitree and tells her that she is a sinner and criticises her values. Everyone is taken aback.

PreCap: Nandini shows Sona pictures of Harsh and Sona gets shocked. She tells Sona that he’s son of Sona’s husband, and his wife is Kamna Tiwari. Sona gets angry and says that whoever will try to mess with her family, she will bury them near Ganga river.

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