Main Hoon Aparajita 29th May 2023 Written Update

Main Hoon Aparajita 29th May 2023 Written Update by Atiba

Main Hoon Aparajita 29th May 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Sarika brings Disha in veil to the reception. Ashmit welcomes the reporters and introduces Disha as his daughter in law.

Kabir is getting dizzy so Aparajita asks what happened? Kabir says she attacked me and that made me dizzy. Aparajit says Disha was dizzy too so I gave her some medicines. She asks Akshay to call the doctor. Kabir asks them to go, they both leave.

Akshay and Aparajita come to the reception. Aparajita tells the guests that Disha is having a veil because she has some rashes on her face, we request you to accept her. Arjun says she is my darling wife so please welcome her. He takes off her veil and all are shocked to find Niya. Arjun asks Niya where is Disha? she is dizzy and says leave me alone. Akshay and Aparajita rush to her. They are all confused. Ashmit asks what is going on? We were marrying Disha and now its Niya? Sarika says they played a game with us, they fooled us. Arjun says I know I married Disha only. Sarika says only Disha can tell the truth, where is she? you put a veil on her because they wanted Niya to marrry Arjun. Akshay takes dizzy Niya from there while Aparajita goes to look for Disha.

Aparajit slaps Mohini and shouts at her to wake up. She tells Kabir that Disha is missing and she knows where is she. The doctor comes there and checks Niya. She is unconscious. Aparajita asks the doctor to try to wake Mohini up. Arjun, Chhavi and Asha go to find Disha.

The doctor checks Mohini and gives her an injection. Aparajita says she has to wake up, she has to tell where Disha is. She shakes her and says wake up. Akshay stops her and says calm down. Aparajit says I am scared, what did she do with Disha?

Sarika says what is going on in this house? we haven’t even given food to the guests. Ashmit asks the priest if he saw Disha or Niya in the mandap? The priest says it was Disha before the pheras but then under the veil if it was Niya then he took pheras with her and he got married to Niya. Sarika says we should leave before we are insulted more.

Mohini starts waking up. Akshay shouts at her to tell where is Disha? Mohini says you have 2 hours to find your daughter otherwise you won’t be able to save her. Aparajita shouts at her to not harm her daughter. Mohini says I broke Arjun and Disha’s wedding so you can kill me if you want but only I can save Disha. For that I have a condition. You have to accept Niya with Arjun, you have to safely take them out of here. You don’t have much time to decide. Aparajits shouts that I won’t spare you. Mohini says if you don’t accept Niya with Arjun then I won’t tell you about Disha. Kabir says this is her plan too. I think she wants to die so lets just do it. I can count it as an encounter. Akshay says what? Kabir says if she doesn’t care then lets do it. He puts a gun on her and Mohini gets scared. He asks his assistant Ritika to shoot her. Mohini is scared, Aparajita says if we have to kill her then let me kill her, she has troubled my life so much. Kabir says sure, you can. Ritika gives the gun to Aparajit and she points at Mohini. Mohini is scared of dying and says Disha is in the house only. Akshay says I will kill you, he strangles her and she faints again.

Precap: Arjun’s father says to Akshay let’s perform Niya’s bidai ceremony. Aprajita says to him we are unable to find out daughter and you are asking to do marriage, until we find Disha how can we know who they got married too. He says that was our heritage mangalsutra and Arjun made her wear in front of everyone and I’m taking Niya to my home as daughter in law and that’s final.

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