Mangal Lakshmi 25th June 2024 Written Update

Mangal Lakshmi 25th June 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Mangal Lakshmi 25th June 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1
Mangal hugs Lakshmi. She says you made me proud today. I am so happy to see your bond with Karthik. you did the right thing by telling him the truth. You’re his faith. Keep his trust in you intact. Always deepen this relationship. She says why didn’t you tell me. Lakshmi says I didn’t want you to worry. Mangal says I am glad Karthik is with you. I am so happy you’ve such an amazing life partner. Lakshmi hugs her and cries. She says get me ready. Mangal gets Lakshmi ready. Lakshmi feels happy.

Kusum asks Karthik did Lakshmi tell you who did it? He says yes but she doesn’t want to discuss that right now. She says okay. Gayatri speaks to Shanti. Shanti says what? New house? Gayatri says don’t make noise. No one should know. Shanti says you gave me a new house, thank you. Gayatri says it’s not a gift for you. It’s only to save my face. I don’t want anyone to go to Karthik’s inlaws and have plasters falling on them. I will get everything ready. Shanti hugs her. Kusum asks what’s happening here. Gayatri says nothing.

Lakshmi comes downstairs. Karthik says it took some time but everything is fine now. Meet my wife, Lakshmi. Everyoen claps for her. People say she looks so elegant. Just like a princess. papa says Kusum you made such a beautiful couple. Bhushan hugs Lakshmi. Shanti shoves her and says my daughter Lakshmi. You both look so good together. My blessing, my daughter. You are my Lakshmi. Gayatri says let the kids meet others too. Shanti says I miss her so much. She learned everything from me. She was raised with so much love. I miss her so much. She left that house and left us all alone We just want her to be the happiness in her new house. The media says to take a picture with the couple. They say she’s our new story. Karthik says a new story about her. Sanjana says yes bhabhi wants the press to make a story on you and your in-laws. They say when will you invite us, ma’am? She says as soon as we shift. Everyone is shocked. Mangal says shift? Shanti says like getting the new furniture for the shoot, not the house. Gayatri says let’s start the party. Mangal asks Shanti what’s going on. Don’t embarrass Lakshmi or anyone related to her. Shanti says don’t worry. Lakshmi is my daughter.

Karthik and Lakshmi dance together. Everyoe is happy. They all join them in the dance. Manal dances with Adit. Mangal slips. Adit says why do you dance if you can’t? He leaves her. Akshad says why did Papa leave? Papa says because your dad can’t dance. Everyone has different talents. Akshad says mom’s talent is c.king.He says yes. Akshad asks then why did mom say no to going to Papa’s office as a judge. The media takes Karthik and Lakshmi’s photos and ignores Gayatri. Gayatri doesn’t like it. Sanjana says he doesn’t want any photos with you. He has a wife now, your time is over. Mangal sas Karthik takes care of her so much. He’d fight off anyone for her.

Scene 2
Akshad and Ishana come for food. Akshad says you said you’d make my favorite parathas. Ishana says I don’t like them at all. Papa says your dad’s boss loved the food so much they invited Mangal as the judge. You won’t find food like your mom’s. Akshad says mama you should go. Papa says yes I said yes in Adit’s office on her behalf. everyone is shocked. Kusum says we decided she won’t go. He says she should go. if Mangal doesn’t go, Adit’s boss will be upset. It can impact his promotion. Kusum says I said no because of Adit. He didn’t like the medal thing. Papa says but think about Adit’s job. Kusum says but she doesn’t have confidence. She can’t judge and choose the patients. Mangal is so innocent. Ishana says they are celebrity chefs. Mangal can’t even pronounce the names of their spices and herbs. And she can’t even speak English. Papa says then let’s say no. Ruchika gave Mangal’s name. We would say no so she might get offended. but it’s fine. Adit will handle it. They might think Adit has gotten proud.

Episode ends

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