Mera Balam Thanedaar 25th June 2024 Written Update

Mera Balam Thanedaar 25th June 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Mera Balam Thanedaar 25th June 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Veer telling that Bulbul will stay here tonight, if there is something then she can inform me. He says I will send car for her tomorrow. Bulbul says I will come by bus. He says ok and goes. Bulbul brings lep and tells that she will apply on it. Devender hits her and tells that what is the use of getting self beaten up by the goons. Bulbul is shocked and asks if he planned this to get her husband’s sign. Devender gets angry on her and says if her husband is of any use to her, and tells that if he don’t get Veer’s signs then they will get the house snatched. He threatens to burn himself. Bulbul stops him and gives him fire torch, and asks him to burn himself. Gita snatches it and takes it away. Bulbul says he always does this, but never does this. Devender blackmails her to get the sign else he will tell the truth to everyone about her age. Gita asks Bulbul to stop him. Bulbul goes behind her. She then comes home and sees Commissioner at her house. Commissioner says you all knew that it is a crime to get a minor girl married. Bulbul thinks Baba sa ruined my home.

Vardhan says we were not aware that the girl is minor. Bulbul says everyone was unaware and was kept in dark, and even I was not aware that….Sulakshana tells that they were unaware and is searching Jyoti. Commissioner says they were hiding in the village, and were arrested and will brought back to the City. He says as your father attended the marriage and had signed as the witnesses, and that’s why he will be arrested. He asks Dhruv to arrest him. Veer requests Vardhan to come with him and says I will prove your innocence. Vayu says you can’t arrest Papa. Veer asks him to move back. Vani comes and asks Commissioner not to arrest him. Varnika takes Vani from there.

Veer asks Vardhan to come. Bulbul asks him to stop. She brings the food and asks Commissioner Saheb to let her Baba sa have food, and says he is hungry since morning. Commissioner tells that he will get food in the Police station. Bulbul says jail’s roti and says you take tiffin there, but you don’t know how is the food there and water. She tells that if I don’t feed him food then Maasa’s friends will taunt me that I am a bad daughter in law. Commissioner asks her to feed him food. Bulbul sits to feed him food. He asks what is in her mind. Bulbul says don’t know if you will get this in lock up or not. He says he is not hungry. Bulbul says aloud, you are very hungry. She feeds him puri. Veer asks him to come. Bulbul hugs Vardhan and asks him to remember what she said. He asks what? She says gastric trouble will start in your stomach and then.. Vayu asks what Bhabhi is doing?

Sulakshana says only she knows. Vardhan gets up and is about to go, when he faints and falls down. Bulbul gets happy and smiles. Everyone runs to him. Veer holds Vardhan and asks him to take breath. Bulbul thinks she is good at studies too now, as she got 65 percent marks. Veer sees her smiling. Doctor comes and checks Vardhan. He says he can say what happened to him, after the test results come. Commissioner asks Doctor how is Vardhan? Doctor says he will be fine. Commissioner tells Veer that they will arrest Vardhan once he gets fine. They leave. Veer asks Bulbul, what she did. Bulbul says I can’t let Baba sa go to jail, when he didn’t do any mistake. Veer says that’s why you sent him to the bed. He says once Papa is fine then he will be arrested, and says Jyoti Bua, her husband, Saiyam and all the family is arrested. He asks how you will stop his arrest then?

He says this country’s rules and regulations need to be followed by us. Bulbul says but nobody knows that Nalini is a minor, this is unfair. veer says unfair. He says I will do anything and will not let Baba sa go to jail. Bulbul says you can’t do what I can do, you are the Police officer who works on the right path.

Precap: Veer frees Bulbul from their marriage. Bulbul cries.

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