Mangal Lakshmi 2nd June 2024 Written Update

Mangal Lakshmi 2nd June 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Mangal Lakshmi 2nd June 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1
Lakshmi says to Mangal I don’t wanna hide anything from you. I can’t hide anything from you. She says you were right. When you kept saying. Kusum comes and says everyone is calling you. We’ve to do sehra bandi. She asks Lakshmi to get ready. Kusum says we don’t have time. Go and get ready. Mangal asks what were you saying? Kusum says we don’t have time.

Gayatri asks Karthik to get ready. She says I am your mother. You can’t see things that are good for you. Lakshmi is a very good girl. She says in the future you will be grateful for a girl like Lakshmi. She’s an amazing girl. He says I agree with that. Lakshmi says to Mangal nothing.. Kusum says she’s just nervous. She’s getting married today. It’s a completely new life she’ll be starting.

Scene 2
Adit asks Somiya what happened. She says I was happy with our relationship but I feel so odd here. Your family only gives respect to married girls. They don’t respect unmarried girls. They think I did a sin. Anyone can say anything they want. Like I am incomplete. He says they’re old school. We can’t change them. We should talk that openly.

Scene 3
Gayatri does Karthik’s sehra bandi. Lipika says to Lakshmi why are you not ready? Kusum is getting angry. Lakshmi looks at the dress. She hugs it and cries. Lakshmi thinks about her moments with Karthik. She cries and says what will I do now? Lakshmi recalls all that Karthik said. She cries. She recalls all the wedding events. Lakshmi cries in her room.

Kusum asks Mangal to put surma is Karthik’s eyes. She asks Adit to do with Mangal. She says to give him your blessings together. They give Karthik blessings together. Somiya looks at them in anger. Gayatri says you and Lakshmi are together forever now. Karthik asks when will Lakshmi talk to everyone. Mangal comes to Lakshmi’s room and knocks on the door. She says Lakshmi opens the door. Let me help you get ready. Mangal says Lakshmi opens the door.

Lakshmi opens the door. Mangal hugs her. Mangal cries and says why did you close the door? She says you are missing your mom right? I am sorry. I should have been here with you. She would have been so happy to see you as a bride. Don’t cry, please. I cant see tears in your eyes. Karthik is ready as the groom. Let me help you get ready. Lakshmi says didi.. She says there’s no time. Let’s get ready. Lakshmi asks do you remember Karthik’s letter? He says yes it was full of love. Now I know why you trust him so much. Lakshmi says didi, please.. Lipik comes there. Lakshmi says we don’t need her help. Lakshmi says I want to say that. Kusum comes there.

Scene 3
Somiya gets ready. Ishana looks at here. Somiya says come in. Ishana says you do such good makeup. You’ve so much makeup. My mom has nothing. She only knows how to put lipstick. she doesn’t know how to use all this. Somiya says your mom is traditional. I can do your makeup. She does Ishana’s makeup. Ishana says you’ve such cool things.

Kusum says I brought the jewelry. Lakshmi will wear her jewelry. This si from us for you Lakshmi. Mangal says thank you so much amma for doing all this for Lakshmi. Kusum says I just pray everything goes well for Lakshmi. Omesh makes Karthik wear their family’s watch. Gayatri says it’s time to go to the mandap. Karthik is stressed. He wonders if Lakshmi told Mangal.

Kusum says Ishana let’s go. The wedding is about to start. She asks who did such heavy makeup on you? She says Somiya. She did it so much. She put in everything. Kusum calls Adit. She says to ask Somiya to stay away from our kids. He says it’s just one day. She says Ishana is a child she did such heavy makeup on her. Adit says kids do it these days it’s fine. Kusum says not our kids. I don’t like it. Ask her to stay away from us. Somiya says I am sorry auntie. I thought it was the wedding. Ishana asked so I did it. Kusum says this si why you don’t know how to take care of kids and family. Somiya says I understand. Kusum cleans Ishana’s makeup; Ishana cries. Kusum says kids look good when they look like kids. Go and sit with the kids.

Mangal says everyone is so happy with this wedding. You’re so lucky. Lakshmi says but.. you kept thinking that Karthik.. Light goes off. Lakshmi says Karthik doesn’t want to marry me. Adit shotus you have to do this wedding. Lakshmi is shocked to see him. Mangal isn’t there.

Episode ends

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