Rab Se Hai Dua 2nd June 2024 Written Update

Rab Se Hai Dua 2nd June 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Rab Se Hai Dua 2nd June 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1

Ravi tells Dua that Mannat plotted all this and eloped with Farhan. Dua gets dizzy hearing that and says this can’t be true. All the guests start taunting her, a guest says their daughter is so shameless, this Dua was so arrogant about her upbringing and honor but her own daughter ran away from her alter. Hina tells them to shut up and this is all a plan to malign Mannat’s character by Ibadat and Ravi. Ravi says I am not lying. Hina says you were always on Ibadat’s side. Ravi says why would I blame Mannat who I took as my daughter? I would never do that with Haider’s daughter. Hina says don’t take Haider’s name, you are a shameless person to call yourself Haider’s friend but you are taking this Ibadat’s side. She tells Ibadat that you were always jealous of Mannat and wanted to get what she had, you are doing this to get Subhan. Ravi says it isn’t like that, she sat with Subhan so she could buy some time for me to get Mannat back here but I couldn’t bring her back and had to return alone. Ibadat cries and tells Dua that she sat with Subhan so she could salvage her honor as she thought Ravi would bring Mannat back, I didn’t want anyone to find out that Mannat ran away, I wanted to protect your honor but I could never disrespect marriage so I stopped this nikkah before it happened. I know I would be questioned but I have learned from you to never go on the wrong path. Gulnaz says Mannat ran away and brought shame to us, did anyone think about Subhan? he must be so hurt. Mannat has hurt him so much. Ibadat tells Subhan that she tried a lot to stop Mannat but she didn’t listen. Subhan says I have a question for you, did you know about Mannat’s plan to run away with Farhan from before? did you know about all this? Ibadat says yes. Subhan shouts you never told me? I was about to get married to her and you never told me that she was still in love with Farhan? Ibadat says I did this for your happiness. Subhan says you did for Mannat’s life, you never cared about me and my honor, you put my honor on-line and let this wedding happen when you knew everything till the end. Ibadat says please believe me, I trusted her when she said she changed her mind about Farhan. Subhan says stop lying, I have lost faith in love and friendship both, you have broken my trust completely. I am dead to you and Mannat from now on. He runs away from there. Ibadat cries and goes behind him but Kaynaat pulls her back, she asks Sufi to check on him. Gulnaz claps and says wow.. Ibadat knew everything but she never told us and brought shame in front of all the guests for us. We are all destroyed. Nigar wouldn’t get married now. She screams and cries, Nigar is confused seeing her acting. Kaynaat screams that her son is completely destroyed. Hamida tries to talk but Kaynaat tells her to shut up. She asks Dua to speak up now, you were arrogant about your upbringing but one of your daughters is characterless and the other one is a liar. Ibadat says don’t talk to her like this. Kaynaat slaps her and says how dare you answer me back? you have no right to talk now. She tells Hina that you kept taking Mannat’s side but she broke my son’s heart, who is responsible for this? She asks Hamida why did Mannat do that with my son? what’s his fault, if you have any shame left then go and die. All are shocked hearing that. She screams and says that girl has destroyed our honor but you people don’t care anymore, you lost everything when she ran away with Farhan for the first time, you are all shameless but I am not, I will not spare anyone who has hurt my son. I am going to gett him married to a best girl.

The episode ends.

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