Mangal Lakshmi 3rd June 2024 Written Update

Mangal Lakshmi 3rd June 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Mangal Lakshmi 3rd June 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1
Lakshmi says you thought Karthik. The light goes off. Lakshmi says Karthik doesn’t want to marry me. The doubt you had was right. He tried to tell me many times. Someone planned all this. I don’t know who. Karthik thought he wrote everything in the letter. But the one I got had it written that he loves me. He loves someone else. He only considers me a friend. We have to fix everything. We can’t do this wedding. What is the point of all this? We won’t be happy in this marriage. please do something and stop this wedding. She looks back and says Didi why are you silent? Adit shouts you have to do this wedding. Lakshmi is shocked to see him.

Karthik sits in the mandap. Kusum says why didn’t Mangal bring Lakshmi? Karthik says this means Lakshmi is telling Mangal. Adit says what did you say? Stop this wedding? Mangal has had only one dream, to get you married. She fought so many people for this wedding. And what will you do? You will defame us everywhere. She says Karthik loves someone else. Lakshmi says but Karthik doesn’t want to do this wedding. He says I know. I heard everything when he was talking to you. There is no backing out now. Why is Karthik not stopping it and marrying his love? It’s his problem, not yours. He didn’t get his love. Lakshmi says I told him I would tell Mangal everything. Adit says is she your step-sister? mangal did so much for you, she got you a guy like Karthik and you’re gonna do this? don’t you dare to say anything to Mangal. Lakshmi says please do something. No one would be happy with this wedding. He says only Karthik would be happy if we break it. everyone else would be upset. You would be a burden on Mangal which means on me. I won’t let you do that. This wedding will happen today. Lakshmi says I can’t do this. He says remember if you break this marriage I will also drive Mangal. I can’t tolerate it anymore. You broke another engagement before, we got defamed. Police were also called. I am tired of you sisters. I can’t keep tolerating this. I won’t let you both manipulate my family. If this wedding doesn’t happen Mangal will get a divorce tonight. Lakshmi is shocked. She says please don’t say that. Please do this. He says stop this drama and decide what you want. Take your Mangal with you if you leave this wedding. Lakshmi cries.

Scene 2
Kusum asks Lipika to bring Lakshmi. Mangal comes and says Lakshmi? You didn’t fix your hair? I went to see the light. Adit says I came to tell her everyone is waiting. She’s to be ready. She is lucky she is getting married in our family. Mangal will be very happy after the wedding. Magnal hugs her and says I am so happy. Get ready now. Adit says come fast. Lipika says everyone is waiting. Let’s go. Lakshmi hugs Mangal and cries. Mangal asks what happened. Lipika says she’s not even ready. Gayatri asks is there a problem? Kusum says she only creates problems. Kusum says let me go and see her.

Karthik says there is no need to call Lakshmi. She won’t come. Gayatri asks why. He says because. Lakshmi comes there. Karthik is shocked. The wedding starts. Pandit Ji starts the mantra. Karhtik sits in shock. Karthik and Lakshmi exchange the garlands. Karthik is angry at Lakshmi. Does Karthik ask Lakshmi did you tell Mangal? She says no. Karthik says you said you would. She cries. Papa says you can talk all your life now. Karthik says I can’t let this happen. Pandit ji asks them to focus. Mangal gets emotional. Kusum says you did it for her like a mother. You never gave up. You did your responsibility well.

Precap: Panditji asks Lakshmi’s father to step forward for Kanyadan. Mangal’s father about to go, Shanti stops him. Kartik decides to talk to Mangal as only she will understand his situation.

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