Mera Balam Thanedaar 3rd June 2024 Written Update

Mera Balam Thanedaar 3rd June 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Mera Balam Thanedaar 3rd June 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Vardhan asking Bulbul to tell the truth and says he is his baba sa and friend too. Bublul says thanedar saa didn’t have anything since yesterday morning and asks him to ask Veer to have food. Vardhan asks did you have food? He says I know you didn’t have food since last night. She says the girl who thinks about her family and husband, if she is silent then there is something big. He says he trusts him. Varnika hugs Dhristi and cries saying Bulbul is in lock up. Dhristi asks if she knows something about the case and says she is a qualified lawyer and will fight her case. She asks if she don’t want to tell then let Bulbul be in jail. She emotionally blackmails her to say. Varnika tells her that everything is happening because of her and Bulbul took the blame on herself to protect her.

Vardhan tells Veer that bulbul is innocent and even your heart must be saying this. Veer looks at Bulbul smiling looking at the butterfly. Varnika says she can’t let Bulbul be in jail. Dhristi gets shocked. She asks her to think what will happen to Sulakshana if she comes to know that Bulbul is in jail because of you, she will die. She says Veer will support his wife, but who will support you. She scares her and says worst will happen with you, more worst than what had happened with vani. Varnika says no. Dhristi asks her to stay silent and stay away from Bulbul. She hugs her and says she will handle everything.

Dhristi comes to the PS and tells Veer that she will fight Bulbul’s case and gives court permission papers. Veer lets her meet Bulbul. Bulbul says you are here. Dhristi says I know that whatever you are doing is to save Varnika, and asks why you are doing this, as Varnika doesn’t care for your sacrifice. She lies that she asked Varnika to say truth to everyone, but Varnika refused and said that she don’t want to meet you. She asks her to go and tell everything to Veer. Bulbul says she trusts God and knows that nothing wrong will happen with Varnika or her. Dhristi says if you don’t want to say then it will be difficult to save you. Bulbul says whatever she is doing is to save her family. Dhristi comes there and tells Veer that Bulbul is not telling anything.

Veer gets a call from Dhruv and the latter asks him to come and meet him. He comes to Avinash’s house. Veer says Bulbul is smart and didn’t consume the drink given by Avinash, but then also she came here to delete the photos and videos so that Avinash can’t blackmail any girl. Bulbul thinks she didn’t do Diya and baati and asks Shanti to bring Diya from Subodh’s shop. Veer tells that there was traces of sleeping pills in his blood which even my father used to take. He tells that Avinash and Bulbul had a fight and he attacked her on her hand with the cutter, and then he fell down on the table. Bulbul lights the diya and applies tilak on the wall, and prays to God. Veer tells that as per the forensic report, Avinash was attacked on the head. They come to the conclusion that the killer is someone else who hit him with the Tripod and the guy must tall and heavy built. He thinks Bulbul has taken the crime on herself to protect someone.

Next day, Vani asks where is my bestfriend, I didn’t meet her since long. Sulakshana calls Vayu. Vayu asks Vani to come to room. Vishesh asks him to take her to room and tell her about bestfriend. Sulakshana asks him to lock her in the room. Veer comes there. Vani fall down. She tells veer that she wants to go to meet her bestfriend. Veer asks her to go to room and says they will go to meet her bestfriend later. Sulakshana regrets to give much liberty to Bulbul. Veer looks at Varnika and thinks if Bulbul is silent to protect Varnika. He asks Sulakshana, how is she? Sulakshana says if you all want me to be fine then shall not take Bulbul’s name. Veer thinks I can’t tell you, but she didn’t kill him. Sulakshana says I have broken all my relation with her. He asks why you are sayingb this, if you have broken all the relation with Varnika if she had done this. Sulakshana says if Varnika had done this, then I would have done the same thing.

She says we have same rules and regulations with daughter or daughter in law. She says she has broken alliance with Vani, and if Varnika was on her place then she will break alliance with her also. Varnika gets scared and panics. Veer thinks there is some connection between varnika and bulbul.

Precap: Bulbul tells that she will expose the master mind. Sulakshana says nobody will support you from among. Veer supports Bulbul.

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