Mangal Lakshmi 4th July 2024 Written Update

Mangal Lakshmi 4th July 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Mangal Lakshmi 4th July 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1
Kusum says this girl should never be seen in this house again. Ask her to get out right now. Somiya says lied to prove me wrong. Did you even think why I did all this? why do I take the blame? Kusum says you want to blame us as well? She says I wanted to save someone. Didn’t, want to put her under the bus. Mangal asks who? She says Ishana. She requested me to order a pizza for her. Ishana is shocked. Somiya says I told her to eat home food. Kusum says and you ordered? Would you order poison as well? Somiya says I only did that because she was upset. Mangal says I can understand you didn’t know. You dont have kids. You could ask me. I could tell you how allergic she is. Kusum says we said no in front of you as well. Stop lying now. How shameless are you adn teaching the same to our kids? Are you teaching her to lie? Adit says she’s not teaching anything. Kusum says don’t defend her. she is wrong here.

Somiya says Ishana tell everyone you asked me to order the pizza. I said no. Adit asks Ishana. Mangal says tell us. Kusum says to stop interrogating the child. She was the adult and she could say no. Adit says then asks Mangal why did she leave her daughter alone? She should have stayed with her as a mother. She thinks she’s a star now. She is out all the time. She can’t stay home and she has wings now. When we were going why did she have to come with us? Papa says don’t bring Mangal into all this. It’s all your fault. You’ve spoiled Ishana so much. you encourage her to misbehave with her mother. She doesn’t listen to Mangal. Kusum says your dad is right. I asked Mangal to come with us. It was a big deal for Mangal. The only mistake we made was to trust this Somiya. She is so careless. Adit says Somiya comes here to teach Sihana. This isn’t her responsibility. Kusum says we don’t want her to come here or teach Ishana. Mangal asks her to calm down. She says Ishana is happy with her. Kusum says we will fin another teacher. Somiya says Adit won’t you say anything? Adit says amma I accept your decision. Somiya is shocked. He says Somiya what you did was wrong. Why did you even order the pizza? It was wrong. you can go, please. Somiya feels insulted. She leaves in anger.

mangal says to Ishana you will be okay.

Scene 2
Lakshmi says come home with me Nidhi. I won’t go before you come with me. Nidhi says I have a condition. I will come there when you leave that house. Lakshmi says what is that? Nidhi says you’ve ruined the peace of our house. You are a maid, low-class, uneducated girl. Karthik comes there and slaps Nidhi.

Scene 3
Adit asks Ishana to pack her things and the books. Mangal says what are you doing? Adit packs her books. He says Ishana will go to the hostel. Magnal says no, please. He says I told her if she doesn’t study I will send her to the hospital. Mangal says no please calm down. ishana cries. Mangal says it’s a huge punishment. Adit says you will make her illiterate like yourself. she will be better away from you. Kusum and papa object too. Adit says I’ve decided. It’s better for her. She will study better there. ishana cries and says no, please. He says it’s about my daughter’s future. Magnal can’t teach her anything. Magnal says I will always be with her. Please don’t send her. we will find a solution. Adit says I won’t take a risk now. you should have thought about it before. you couldn’t be a good wife or mother. Dont behave like she’s going to jail. she will be happy there. Ishana cries. She hugs papa nad says I don’t wanna go, please. She cries.

Karthik says the person you were insulting is my wife and your bhabhi. How dare you misbehave with her? You are in third grade with these manners. I am ashamed to call you my sister. She says enough. I was your dear sister and your enemy now? Because she’s in your life? I am done with all this. I wanna chill with my friends. Karthik says if they were your friends they’d have asked you to go back home. Nidhi says if someone will go from here that’s Lakshmi. Karthik says okay fine she will go. But I need to do one thing. He takes out his card from her wallet. He tears it apart. Nidhi is shocked. She says what did you do? My cards. Karthik says your cards? Really? It’s my card. If you’re so independent and you don’t want to associate with us then why don’t you get your cards? She says how will I make the payment? Karthik says your friends can pay for you. Her friends leave. Nidhi is shocked. Karthik says you can stay here now. If you come back home you have to stay in manners.

Scene 4
Kusum and papa see Ishana’s photos. They cry thinking about her going to the hostel. Papa says I can’t stay away from our kids. What else would I do at this age? Adit made this decision and didn’t even discuss it with us. He doesn’t care about our feelings. or we don’t have a place in this house. Kusum says I wont let him do this mistake.

Adit ctexts Somiya and says please talk to me once. Mangal coeems there. sHe says you’re only scarding Ishana right? he says I will do it this time. Manal says please listen.. He says stop talking now. You’ve ruined my life but I wont let you do that to my kids. You are a curse on my life. Kusum says you have too much trouble from parents, kids and your wife right? she gives him the house keys. Adit asks what is this?She says you keep them. You handle all the responsibility. You don’t need any one right. Send us to old home too. Papa says she is right. We will live there.

Episode ends

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