Parineetii 4th July 2024 Written Update

Parineetii 4th July 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Parineetii 4th July 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1
Pari tells Ambika she broke the deal. Ambika says nothing is more important than you. Pari tells her how she framed Neeti. Ambika says you’re so smart. She says Babli gave me this locket so I used it to trap Neeti. Pari says Babli was very scared. I don’t know why.

Sanju comes home. Pari thinks about Sanju.
The in-mate tells Neeti your fiance will go to that other girl. This world is very cruel. Sanju says you can’t hide the fact from me that you’re Pari. Pari tries to sleep. She says I made my heart so strong that you can never come back there.

Scene 2
Sanju asks Babli why did you give Parvati Pari’s necklace. Babli says I gave it to Parvati. Pari gave it to me to get it fixed. She says Neeti asked me to give the pendant to Parvati and tell her Parvati reminds me of my sister so I am giving it. Neeti was keeping an eye on me. She forced me.

Sanju goes to Neeti and questions her. Neeti says what rubbish? Sanju says you were trying to impose Parvati is Pari. First you plotted all this and then you threatened Parvait to confess she is Pari. You have ruined our deal and our name in the market. You have gone crazy. Neeti says but Pari.. Sanju says just shut up. She’s not Pari. Neeti says she is Pari. Sanju says stop it now. He says stay here then.

Scene 3
Gurinder says to Gurpreet Sukwinder has been crying all the time. You should go and console her at her house.

sanju discusses Neetiii’s case with a lawyer. He says the case is very weak. There’s a video proof of Neeti threatening Parvati. If you request Parvati to take her case back it can work out otherwise I can’t do anything.

Pari looks at the locket. She wears it. Pari feels emotional. She throws it in the bin. She says I thought it’s special but it’s rubbish. Sukwinder cries. Gurpreet consoles her. Pari comes to Ambika. She says the lawyer said we can’t keep Neeti locked in. We don’t have rpoofs. Pari says but we have rpoofs. She says Neeti also hired a lawyer. Pari says we have the best lawyer. Ambika says she will try to prove she got emotional so she did all this. It will be easy for her to get out. Pari says she should stay in the locker. Dai maa says Pari’s mom is here.

Pari sees her mom. She gets emotional. Pari says you. Gurpreet wipes her tears. She hugs Pari. Pari asks her how are you? She says good. Gurpreet says I feel better now. She says I just look like your daughter. I liked hugging you as well. Ambika says Parvati has a very kind heart. I am very proud of her. Sukwinder says I beg you. I came with a lot of hope. I know Neeti made a mistakeEpisodee get her out. Ambiak says sorry but I can’t help you. Gurpreet says don’t say that. I beg you for Neeti. She thought you were Pari. She loves Pari a lot. Pari recalls all Neeti did. Gurpreet says please forgive her.

Precap: Pari says that Neeti you will have to pay for all your sins. Neeti says that Pari didn’t do right by sending me to jail. Rajiv says to Parvati that she has to get Neeti out of jail. Parvati says that she will save Neeti only one one condition…

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