Mangal Lakshmi 5th July 2024 Written Update

Mangal Lakshmi 5th July 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Mangal Lakshmi 5th July 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1
Kusum says you run the house now and send us to the orphanage. Adit says Ishana is not getting good grades. I can’t leave her on Mangal she will become ill-literate like her. Kusum says don wat you want. We will also pack our bags. Adit says sorry ama. I can’t see you hurt. I need you the most. I cant spend a day without you. I beg you I am sorry. He does ups and downs an says I will do what you say. Kusum hugs him. He leaves. Magnal says we should be calm and thnk about things before deciding. He says that baba was right. Your marriage is cursed. MAngal is shocked. Adit says you are the curse yourself. Because of your stupidity you will lose it all. He leaves. Mangal cries. Akshar comes and cheers her up. He cries and says don’t cry mama I cry too when you cry. He says I made shahi tukra for you. She says it’s so special. Magnal hugs him and cries.

Mangal applies medicine to Ishana’s marks. She says don’t come near me. Dont touch me. Mangal says let me do it. Ishana says I don’t wanna fix anything. she says you’re responsible for everything. You can’t teach me and I’ve to go to the hostel now. Mangal says I will never let you go away from me. She says papa has packed the bags. Will you fight with him? mangal says yes I will fight with him. I cant let anyone take my daughter away from me. She says but papa left. Where did he go?

Adit comes to Somiya’s house and says please open the door.

Scene 2
Karthik and Lakshmi come home. Gayatri asks them about Nidhi. She comes in. Gayatri asks are you okay? She hugs Sanjana instead. Ramesh says us.. She leaves. Gayatri asks Karthik what happened? He says we will talk to her tomorrow. We should be grateful she is home. Karthik says we did what was right. Lakshmi says you should rest. Karthik asks Laksmi to rest as well.

Lakshmi calls Mangal. She asks if is everything okay. Mangal says yes. They don’t tell each other about their problems. Lakshmi says Karthik defends me everywhere. She gets happy. she says Jeju is also changing. He appreciated you so much on the stage. Mangal goes silent. Papa comes there. He fdown. Mangal asks are you okay? She gives him water. He falls. Mangal screams. Mangal says papa please open your eyes. She says let me call Adit.

Adit keeps requesting Somiya to open the door. He doesn’t pick up Mangal’s calls. Kusum screams Mangal do something his nose is bleeding. She says do something, please. Mangal gets worried. The kids get worried as well. Ishana says where is papa?. How will dadu go to the hospital. Mangal says I will take him. She calls the hospital. Mangal calls Lakshmi. She says Karthik went out. Mangal asks Lakshmi to come. Mangal asks the kids to stay home. She says we will take papa to the hospital. Kusum panics. Mangal looks for an auto outside. It’s training. Mangal is worried.

Episode ends

Precap: Mangal takes Papa on a cart to the hospital. Kusum tries to call Adit with Mangal’s phone. Soumya scolds Adit and threatens to cut her wrist if he receives Mangal’s call.

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