Mera Balam Thanedaar 5th July 2024 Written Update

Mera Balam Thanedaar 5th July 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Mera Balam Thanedaar 5th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Bulbul making Veer having the kheer. Vardhan tells Veer that now he has to eat fully. Justice Chaudhary appreciates Bulbul for her wits. Dhristi tells Rudra that they shall make a reel to announce their engagement. Sulakshana asks Gita about Dhristi and thinks she is not happy with Rudra. Dhristi asks Rudra to make reel with her on domestic violence, and that they are against it. She asks him to press her neck. He says I can’t. She says slap me. He says I can’t slap you or any girl. Dhristi sees Sulakshana coming and asks him to push him atleast. He pushes her lightly, but she herself falls down on the table and acts as being victimised. Sulakshana gets angry on Rudra and takes them out. Rudra asks Dhristi to tell everyone that they were making reels. Sulakshana creates a scene and supports Dhristi. Veer says Rudra is not that kind of person. Dhristi acts and asks Rudra to stop his violence on her, and says she agreed to marry him on Bulbul’s sayings. She says she told Bulbul that Rudra is beating her, but Bulbul wants her to marry him. Bulbul asks her to stop her lies. Sulakshana says you are thinking her tears as lies and is not showing any sympathy for her.

Justice Chaudhary tells Veer that he knows Rudra and he can’t raise his hand on any girl. Sulakshana says he doesn’t have character certificate just because he is from a good family. She says Dhristi is so good that I had chosen her for my elder son Vishesh, though she had done mistakes in past, but as of now, there is no one better than her. She says Dhristi has more good qualities than Bulbul. Vardhan is shocked. Rudra tells that Dhristi is lying and asks her to say. Veer holds his hand and says don’t even try. He takes Dhristi’s hand and removes the ring from her finger, and says I am ending Rudra and Dhristi’s alliance, this marriage will not happen now. Dhristi smirks. Rudra is in shock. Justice Chaudhary takes Rudra from there. Dhristi smiles.

Bulbul asks Dhristi, why did you do this, answer me? Veer asks her not to question her. Vardhan says let her talk. Sulakshana says Bulbul had told enough. Gita asks Dhristi to stop her drama and asks why you are lying against Bulbul and Rudra. Sulakshana asks being her mother, can’t you see her fear. Dhristi says she don’t want to get beaten up by Rudra and pretends to faint and fall down on Veer. Veer asks Bulbul why you want to get her marriage done with Rudra. Bulbul says she wanted her betterment. Veer says I called off the alliance. Bulbul says how can you blindly trust her, when she told him lies many times. Veer says I know my work and says I heard Maa and Dhristi. He says you had pushed Dhristi that day when Rudra had worn my shirt, and says you are jealous and insecure of her. He says Dhristi is innocent and haven’t tried to snatch your husband, but you had snatched her would be husband from her. He says mistake is not of Dhristi, but yours and you shall apologize to her infront of everyone.

Dhristi says leave it, she is younger than me. Bulbul refuses to apologize to Dhristi and says I am not her small younger sister anymore who used to apologize to her, when she used to steal my toy and used to make me apologize to her. She says now I am Veer Pratap Singh’s wife and he only taught me not to apologize when I haven’t done any mistake. Veer thinks he understood Dhristi’s plan and will expose her soon, and thinks she has trapped Maa in her lies badly. He feels proud of Bulbul and asks her not to interfere in Dhristi’s life again. He holds her hand shocking everyone. He says I am standing with Dhristi from now onwards, and feels sorry to talk to Bulbul this way. He thinks he has to do this, to expose Dhristi. He asks Dhristi to come and rest.

Precap: Veer and Bulbul take part in the competition, where the couple are asked to make one another have the clove.

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