Manmohini 20th March 2020 Written Update

Manmohini 20th March 2020 Written Update by Sona

Manmohini 20th March 2020 Written Episode

The episode starts with Kamal and Ananya cheering over their first victory in their room. They hear Shiv from outside, who was looking for Ananya. Ananya tells Kamal to leave, while she would go to her room as Ananya, before Shiv can spoil their plan.

Ananya walks out of the room and cautiously goes towards her room. Shiv was saying that he will tell her truth to everyone today. Downstairs, Shiv holds Ananya’s hand. Ananya stops a scream by placing a hand on her face. She tries to get away but Shiv held her and called Amar. Kamal hits Shiv’s head with a vase. He feels dizzy but clutches Ananya’s hand once again. Ananya cuts on his hand and runs upstairs, placing hurdles in Shiv’s way. She doesn’t go to her room. Shiv looks around the room, then leaves the corridor. Sunanda stops Shiv in the corridor and asks why he is running. Sunanda tells Shiv to go and get Amar, while she will take care of Ananya. Baba jumps in her way but his moustache comes out and has to bend. Ananya finds the chance to go to her bed. Sunanda guards outside her room.

In the room, Shiv tells Amar that Ananya isn’t in her room. Amar was frustrated and warns Shiv that he will regret this day, if proven wrong today. Sunanda stood outside the room when they break in. Shiv was shocked to see Ananya in her bed. Baba watches this from the door. Shiv tells Amar that Ananya must have come just now. He looks towards Sunanda, but Sunanda says she only waited outside the room. Amar says he has already told Shiv to stay away from Ananya, and slaps him hard on face. Ananya was hurt. Amar uses his powers to push Shiv out of the room. Shiv falls down on the floor of hall. Amar vanishes from the room and goes to Shiv. He holds a whip to teach Shiv a good lesson and beats him badly.

Ketki was moved and cries for Shiv. Rahul stops her in the room. Amma ji also convinces Ketki that Shiv must stay away from the matter, Ananya is unconscious for days. Ananya was curt that this is enough now.

Sunanda comes to her room. Mishra ji follows him. She was hurt by the sound of constant beating. She says she has a single rule from today, she won’t interrupt in any matter. Amar’s hand was stopped as Gauri holds the whip from behind. She shouts that it’s enough, what he thinks of her husband-to-be. What if she now beats him? Amar was beaten by Gauri. Amar questions who she is, to beat him. He uses his power but before he could throw it towards Gauri, Baba stops him. He tells Amar that right now, she is Shiv’s lover. He will have to get beaten by her, as a second step of his Tapasia. Every bruise he will get from her lasso, will be a step forward towards his love. Shiv flinches as Amar was being beaten by Shiv. He comes in the middle, as Amar’s protector. Amar pushes Shiv aside, and allows Gauri to continue till she is fulfilled. Baba tells Gauri to beat Amar, enough to fulfil his wishes. Gauri cries that Amar had beaten Shiv, still he came as his savior. The family had gathered in the hall to witness Amar’s pain. Sunanda gets a chair to view the scene. Shiv finally stops Gauri, and tells Baba that this is enough. Gauri says she only wanted a revenge for him, but Shiv can only be on his brother’s side. Baba and the family disperse.

In the room, Sunanda thinks about Amar. She discusses with Mishra ji that its only Ananya who can love Shiv and dare to mingle with Amar for him. Mishra ji agrees.

Chaya applied ice pack over Amar’s bruises. He was ready to do anything for Ananya. Sunanda comes to the room and tells Chaya to leave, she has to speak to Amar. She tells Amar that he has forgotten he can treat his own bruises. Amar replies, he forgot because of pain. Sunanda says he is being a fool. He got the powers that may trigger war in the world, he must never forget this no matter what. Amar treats his body using his powers. Sunanda tells Amar that Baba is only convincing him for false acts. Amar says it is his meditation. Last time, Ananya herself came to meet him. Sunanda says that today he was beaten for her, she must be cured altogether. He should go and question his Baba now

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