May I Come In Madam 10th August 2017 Written Update

May I Come In Madam 10th August 2017 Written Update by Amena

May I Come In Madam 10th August 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with the kidnapper beating Sanju. Sanju says why are you beating me, what’s my mistake. Kashmira asks mummy will she have tea. Mummy says I m going to get news. Kashmira says Sanju has become CEO, what can be more good. Bhupesh says Sanju’s accident can happen. She slaps him. Kidnappers tells his broken love story and why he hates CEO. Sanjana and Chedi tell Kashmira about the kidnapper after CEOs, so Chedi has made Sanju a CEO. Sanju says I m not CEO. Kidnapper says don’t lie.

Kashmira cries and scolds Chedi. Sanjana also says the same. She says I have called police, Rampath will be coming. Kidnappers beats Sanju. Sanju says please leave me, I m a decent man. Kidnapper asks how shall I know this. Sanju says ask my secretary, she will say how decent I m. Kidnapper says maybe she is not good looking. Sanju describes Sanjana. Kidnapper scolds him. His lover comes and apologizes to him. He forgives her and says promise me you won’t leave again. She says I will never go.

Rampath asks Kashmira to describe Sanju. Kashmira says you have seen him many times. Rampath describes Sanju according to him. Chedi asks is he writing report or his fantasy. Kidnapper beats Sanju. He says I was just joking, I have freed you. Rampath scares them more. Sanju comes home. Kashmira says its good kidnapper left you. Sanju says I have scared kidnapper, he was shaking in fear, his wife ran away with CEO, she came back. Sanjana asks him to take rest, they will meet in office tomorrow. Sanjana and Chedi leave. Rampath asks Sanju to take care and goes. Kashmira says I will get food for you. Bhupesh says I can’t believe you have beaten kidnapper. Sanju beats him up.

Sanju comes office. Sanjana gets back to her post and asks Sanju to go out and manage his creative head post. Sanju says don’t fire me, give me one chance. He asks Sanjana may I come in madam. She laughs and says you may. Sanju winks. Chedi argues with Mummy and ends call. She comes and meets him. She says I was just teasing you. He says I was angry as I was waiting for you. They romance and dance on Chura dil mera……

Sanju hides and looks at Sanjana. He says I will see the show now. He gets shocked seeing Kashmira there.

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