Meet 15th May 2023 Written Update

Meet 15th May 2023 Written Update by Tanaya

Meet 15th May 2023 Written Episode

Meet walks in her room. Manmeet on call with Pandit walks in room. Manmeet says Pandit has kept pooja for tomorrow morning and asks about Chikus health. Meet says he is well right now and says I’ll call Chanda about the photo.

Meet calls Chanda and asks her about the photo. Chanda shows photo of student and asks other kids in orphanage about photo. Manager sees Chanda and thinks I was sure she is here spying on us, thank god I changed the photo. Manager walks to her says you are fired. Chanda asks what happen. Manager says we don’t like your work. Chanda beg her to stay. Manager scolds her and says should I call security for you.

Meet says to Manmeet Chiku is not the kids who ran away from orphanage. Manmeet says no need to worry we will find the kid. Meet says to Manmeet you know when I was carrying my first baby Meet Ahlawat kept the babies name as Chiku, it’s an wierd coincidence. Manmeet says and our daughter kept his name as Chiku, he must be having different name. Meet asks Manmeet about the article in newspaper. Manmeet says don’t worry kids photo will be printed and even I asked to write 2 Lakhs reward about giving information about kids parents.

Meet sees Chiku in corridor. Meet walks to him and asks him to go inside room and sleep. Chiku scared nods his head no. Meet says no need to be scared come sleep with me and she takes him to her room. Meet sit beside him and sings lullaby for him. Chiku sleeps. Meet says it feels like for the first time he is having a good sleep.

Gunwanti walks to Lata. Gunwanti seed gifts and asks her what are these. Lata says these are the arrengements for pooja of Chiku in temple. Gunwanti says to Mahendra do you have any idea what’s going on in our home, pooja is been kept for an outsider kid. Mahendra says I don’t know what wrong with them, you know newspaper guy told me Manmeet went to print kids article with a reward of 2 Lakhs. Gunwanti says if same thing you or Narendra would have done you two would be seen out of this house. Mahendra asks her to shutup and bring water.

Chiku sitting and having water. Kanika sees him hide behind column and says thankgod he has not seen me till yet or else he would have alerted everyone. Chiku sees Kanikas reflection in mirror, he gets scared and runs in the room where Sarkar performing havan. Chiku slips and disturb Sarkar’s havan. Sarkar bring him out and start shouting. Everyone walks in common area. Jasodha asks what happen. Sarkar says today this kids disturbed my pooja, he threw everything. Meet says he is small kid must be a mistake and after all kids are gods avatar. Gunwanti says you are calling some god who is outsider and he disturbed Sarkar who was doing pooja. Mahendra asks Manmeet what is your relation with him and why did you kept 2 lakhs reward for him. Gunwanti says today they kept pooja for this boy and yesterday they didn’t came to our pooja. Manmeet says pooja is for Meet’s first child who is dead and his name was also Chiku, we are unable to find his parents that’s why we had to put reward. Sarkar says it’s not about kid or monkey it’s about the principles which is making all the mess in our family, because of you I’m tolerating your wife but I won’t tolerate everything. Sarkar says to Meet you are still in this house because I love my son a lot, this is my house don’t try to run it like your own. Sarkar says to Manmeet earlier you use to get angry if something happens to me. Manmeet says I still respect you and love you a lot. Sarkar says no you are not same kid anymore and if you are same kid thrn throw Chiku out of this house, today you have to choose between me and the kid. Manmeet says we have no knowledge about kids parents and if I obey you and throws him out he will be on street and it’s against humanity, I beg you please don’t ask me to choose between you and him. Sarkar says today is the time to take tough decision me or this kid. Manmeet says please give me sometime we will handover him to his parents but for once think about him. Sarkar says take decision Manmeet. Manmeet says if my decision is in kids favour what you will say. Sarkar says you have to leave this house with your wife right now. Manmeet says to Meet I’m standing with you, we together will save this kid we will find his parents and we won’t leave him until we find his parents. Manmeet apologies to Sarkar for not choosing him and tell him why he can’t choose him. Sarkar says uf this is your decision then you know what to do and asks him to leave Sarkar Mahal. Jasodha scolds Sarkar and asks him to change his decision. Meet asks Jasodha to calm down and says I’ll leave this house alone. Manmeet says I’ll come with you. Meet says once I’ll handover Chiku to his parents I’ll come back I don’t want to come between you and your father, sometimes we have to take tough decision, I don’t want we both to suffer in future that we were unable to help a kid, try yo understand I’ll be back in some days. Meet walks out with Chiku. Jasodha asks Sarkar to stop them. Kanika hears everything calls someone and says my all plans are failing, Meet is leaving house with kid, I’m scared we all will be caught if she reaches our orphanage and asks him to stop Meet.

Meet in her room kisses Sumeet. Manmeet walks inside. Sumeet sleeping. Meet says I have to leave to help Chiku. Manmeet sit beside Meet hugs her. Kanika standing outside room. Manmeet says it’s about fee days let’s go together. Meet says I see you daily suffering because your father is not talking to you, you always stand beside me but this time let me do it alone once I found his parents I’ll be back to my family. Kanika walks in says you two love eachother and I can’t see you two getting separated, why don’t you give that kid to me I’ll take him to his parents when I’ll find them and if we want we can take minister’s help too, believe me I won’t take much time. Manmeet says to Meet I think she is correct she have right powers and we don’t have to leave eachother, think one time and asks her to stay. Meet says okay. Kanika thinks pity Sumeet her brother will be long gone when she will be awake, daughter saved kid from dying and mother is pushing that kid again to die. Kanika says my staff will take the kid and they will look after him and says I’ll call my staff and they will come. Meet thinks I’m getting anxious because Chiku will be leaving in such a way.

Sarkar asks to take Chiku out of the house.
Chiku crying. Meet try to calm him do. Chiku start crying and start begging to Meet. Meet says don’t worry you will stay with me no need to go anywhere, I’ll help you to find your parents. Manmeet begs infront of Sarkar and says I’ll do anything if you will change your decision. Sarkar says remember this promise I’ll ask you to do it whenever I say and you have yo obey it.

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