Meet 18th March 2023 Written Update

Meet 18th March 2023 Written Update by Tanaya

Meet 18th March 2023 Written Episode

Meet trapped around current. Manmeet sitting away from her emotional says you break all my dreams and my family, tonight you will be also getting shock the way my mother got, I’ll see for how much time you will be standing on wooden legde. Meet remembers her father’s death and says to Manmeet please forgive me for whatever happen, I know we have relation of hatred between us and I don’t want to ruin any other relation because of us, I have seen my mother in pain because of my father’s death, I can understand your pain this apology is not by words I assure you to take actions. Manmeet says shutup your apology is of no use for me.

Manmeet remove live wire from water walks to Meet and says listen to me carefully don’t go near to my parents and walks away.

Meet in her room remembers what Manmeet said to her. Meghna applying ointment on her and asks did you apologies to Manmeet. Meet says today he did fight to me he scared like a little boy because his parents were separated, today first time I saw him vulnerable who is broken and nees support and I believe Shagun can handle him.

Manmeet says to Shagun I’m broken from inside please do something I can’t see my mother in this condition please stop Sarkar from marriage Jalebi. Shagun says I could have given my life to make things normal but you know Sarkar don’t listen anyone. Manmeet says what if we say to Sarkar that if you marry to Jalebi I’ll ruin ky life with Meet and won’t marry you. Shagun says are you fool, Sarkar is in anger and he could say yes for this, I know you love your mother and can do anything for her. Manmeet says I know just one thing my mom is not happy so please do something. Shagun says calm down we will do something. Meet says stop being angry I have an idea. Meet walks to him says if you and me get together we can do many things, my brain and your actions can change whole Sarkarpur, she propose to join hands and says I know we are enemy but our motive is same, stop Sarkar from marrying again and save my mother in law’s house. Manmeet looks at her. Meet says I’m also family member of this house and we have to be together. Manmeet thinks I don’t want to join hands to stop Bapu Sarkar from marrying, I’ll show him your video and make him believe that this time I’ll throw you out uf he stop his second marriage. Manmeet says let me tell you one difference in Sarkarpur no men require a women, I’m capable enough to handle my situation alone stay away from me. Sundari walks to Manmeet says Jasodha have not eaten anything since morning and not ready to have anything. Manmeet says don’t worry I’ll see her.

Manmeet and Jasodha in room. Manmeet try to give her food to eat. Jasodha crying and not able to function properly. Manmeet says don’t worry first eat food then you can function properly and your kids are also alive. Meet standing outside says I thinkl know Sarkar has poisioned food because he thinks you might come in between his marriage, but thank god she didn’t touched the food. Manmeet shouts are youfool why will he poision food. Meet says in Sarkar palace everything happen according to Sarkar and if something don’t go according to him he gets out od the way, who knows better then you. Manmeet says my father love my mother a lot so think once before you say anything. Jasodha start eating food. Manmeet looks at Jasodha says leave this food there could be poision in food. Jasodha eats it and says I don’t want to live, your Bapu Sarkar wants me to die so let me die. Manmeet asks her to spit food. Meet says you are right food is not poisioned I just told lie so that she have food, I want to tell you killing yourself is not the solution and if you die who will free me from your son. Jasodha get’s angry says ask her to leave or I’ll kill her. Meet says I want to see this fire in you, you can’t bear me but ready to adjust with that Jalebi, I am going and leaves.

Sarkar in his room thinks about Jashoda’s betrayal. Imarti and Jalebi walk in, Imarti says you must be tired Sarkar, Jalebi will massage your feet. Sarkar says okay. Jalebi starts massaging, Sarkar says slowly Jashoda and says to Imarti make sure I don’t see Jashoda’s face. Imarti says I was saying Meet will surely do something so I was thinking. Sarkar says shutup you are a Molkki don’t forget get lost.
Sarkar says Imarti is not reliable I have to find someone who will keep me updated with Meet’s plans.

Meet drying clothes, Manmeet walks to her. Manmeet says I want to say something. Meet says I have to pin clothes. Manmeet says I want to talk, Meet says yes tell me. Manmeet says about what you said of joining hands for Maa. Meet says tell me clearly what you want. Manmeet puts his hand forward and says lets team up, I saw how you tricked Maa in eating food and fought with you, just don’t hit my hand like I did to yours my ego gets hurt. Meet hits his hand and says boys are stupid but good you understand how important ate girls and both shake hands.

Shagun sees them shaking hands.

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