Meet 22nd May 2023 Written Update

Meet 22nd May 2023 Written Update by Tanaya

Meet 22nd May 2023 Written Episode

Chiku in hospital. Meet lying beside Chiku on other bed giving blood to him. Man and Lasy looking at Meet and Chiku from outside room. Lade gets call from Kanika. Kanika asks about Chiku. Lady says Chiku was about to die but Meet donated her blood to him. Kanika says why were you waiting for Meet to help her, just go and kill him. Lady disconnects the call and says to her man this is right time to kill Chiku, Meet is sleeping you just look after if someone is coming or not.

Sumeet praying to God for Chiku, she covers diya so and says to Gos please save my Chiku Bhaiya. Sarkar standing behind Sumeet says to himself, you stole my kid from me then how can your wish can come true and he removes Sumeet from diya and keeps his hand over it.

Lady in hospital trying to put pillow on Chiku’s face but Meet takes Chiku’s name and she backs off. Meet asks her what are you doing here. She says I came her to see him and acts by thanking her for saving her kids life and she walks away.

Sarkar burns his hand from diya. Sumeet says to Dadu I know it will be burning a lot I’ll get uce and ointment for your. Sumeet grabs ointment and finds Chiku’s locket on floor she grabs ointment and locket. Sumeet asks Sarkar tell me where it’s paining. Sarkar push her hand and says your medicine is poision for me. Sumeet says you know if someone gets angry he is like karamdoot. Sarkar asks who told you, your mother. Sumeet says Jasodha told me and asks him why are you angry on my mother and asks why did you throw Chiku’s locket. Sarkar asks from where did he get locket. Sarkar and Sumeet go towards the table to grab locket. Sumeet takes locket. Sarkar says how dare you took locket give me. Sumeet says first apply ointment. Sarkar says everyone listens to me and you trying to order me and takes locket from her. Sarkar says this locket is of gold how an orphan kid have this. Sumeet says I don’t know that but give to Chiku when he is back and she walks away.

Chiku wakes up. Manmeet says now you are more stronger then before because you have Meet’s blood in you. Meet also wakes up and says I’m happy after seeing you awake. Lady and Man walks in and says his name is Monu. Lady says now we want to go home, thanks Meet for helping them and says jow we can’t stay here anymore after seeing a big accident, as soon he is discharged we will leave to home. Man gets call from Kanika he picks up the phone and puts on speaker by mistake. Kanika asks where are you two. Man acts and says Chachiji we are with Meet and Manmeet and will come home soon. Meet says this voice was familiar. Man says here are DNA report and we came to show you the results, 70% matches and now there is no doubt he is our son Monu. Meet thinks according to report they are Chiku’s parents but my heart is not ready to accept. Meet says I’ll miss you a lot and says if it’s okay is he meet Sumeet for last time. Lady says your daughter is so stubborn she won’t let him go and she will feel bad that’s why we will take him directly and we kept a pooja for him and it’s important yo reach home on time. Manmeet says to Meet we all have came close to Chiku but now we can’t say anything let them go. Meet give good bye kiss to Chiku.

Jasodha give tea to Sarkar. Gunwanti walks to Jasodha says the younger ones will make new relations in hospital and we will do all the house chores. Jasodha says why don’t you say clearly. Gunwanti says an orphan kid got hurt and Meet donated her blood for him. Jasodha says what’s wrong in that she is giving her blood. Gunwanti says Chiku’s parents are here let them give and tells Sumeet is also praying for a stranger except family, I don’t understand about the relationship. Sarkar scolds Gunwanti and says I don’t want to hear any nonsense anymore and he walks away.

Meet get’s call from Sumeet and asks her how is Chiku. Meet says he is good. Sumeet says bring Chiku with you because I want to celebrate my birthday with him. Meet says okay and disconnects call.

Jasodha, Sumeet and Sapna together. Sumeet says you know what’s the important day in a year. Jasodha says Janmastami. Sumeet says that’s true but more important than that. Sapna says it’s Ganesh Chaturthi. Sumeet says yes and more important then that is my birthday and asks Sapna to go on shopping with her. Jasodha says I’ll make sweet for you and get dress for you. Sumeet says bring two dresses one for me and one for Chiku Bhaiya. Gunwanti walks and says Chiku is not blood related to you that’s why he is not your brother. Sumeet says now I’m sure he is my real brother because I’m blood related to him because my mother donated her blood to Chiku and now we are brother sister. Mahendra says to Sumeet no need to het attached to a stranger and Chiku will be going with his parents to his home he won’t come back. Sumeet thinks I won’t let him go.

Manmeet, Meet, Chiku, Lady and Man outside hospital. Meet says you make me remind my son, he will be of your age and now you are leaving I’m feeling like a bady part is taken away from me. Manmeet says no need to be scared your parents have find you and we will handle you Uncle too. Meet says we will come to meet you and will bring you at Sumeets birthday. Meet asks Chiku’s parents about their address. Both of them says different address.

Man on call with Kanika says your work is done Kid is with us, now please transfer the amount in our account so that you can have the kid. Meet keeping eye on Man listens everything says they are trying to sell Chiku for some money.
Police takes Man and Women under custody.
Meet sees the documents says every document is signed by officer this means whoever is behind this is powerful person. Meet thinks now I have to find out who is behind Chiku and why.

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