Maitree 22nd May 2023 Written Update

Maitree 22nd May 2023 Written Update by Tanaya

Maitree 22nd May 2023 Written Episode

Maitree tells Dinesh, “I couldn’t tell you.” Ashish arrives and knocks on the door. They are stunned. They invite him inside. Ashish claims he came to pick up Nandish. Maitree nods and walks inside to fetch Nandish. Ashish sends his best wishes to Sachin, but he does not answer. Ashish ponders why everyone is acting strangely. Nandish appears and warmly embraces Ashish. Ashish inquires whether he enjoyed his time at Maitree’s. Nandish claims he had a great time. Ashish requests that Nandish say good-by to Maitree and others so that they can return home. Nandish bids them farewell.

Nandini tries to persuade Princy to marry the person her parents want in order for her to have a better life. She introduces Princy to the Groom’s relatives. The groom and his family like Princy and agree to the marriage. Nandini suggests that they schedule their wedding for tomorrow. They are taken aback but agree.

Princy contacts Sachin to tell him that her wedding is the next day. Sachin is taken aback and wonders how this is possible. Maitree picks up the phone. She tells Princy not to worry and assures her that she would handle everything. She requests that Princy provide her with the address of the Groom’s family so that she can inform them that your family is pressuring you to marry. Princy agrees and tells her the information she has.

Maitree and Sachin walk to the Groom’s house and see Jitender’s men demanding payment from the Groom’s family. The groom’s parents promise to pay their money back in two days with the dowry they get from Princy’s family. Maitree and Harsh are taken aback. Jitender’s Men depart in two days. Maitree tells Harsh that this family is a sham and that we must expose them. Harsh believes they must provide proof to expose them. Maitree concurs. She phones Dinesh to inform him, but the call is not answered. She phones Sachin and informs him that Princy’s Groom’s family is a hoax, and she invites him to Vasundhara’s residence, promising to bring proof. Sachin warns them to be cautious.

Through the window, Maitree and Harsh enter the house. They overhear the groom’s family talking how this is his eighth marriage and how they can collect a large dowry because Princy is Vasudhata’s niece. The package collapses in the kitchen. Vimal hears the sound and goes to investigate, but his mother stops him, claiming they are running late for muhurta, and they depart. Maitree and Harsh look for evidence.

Neelu and Nandini instruct Princy to prepare. Princy is adamantly opposed. Neelu becomes enraged at her. Nandini has complete influence over Neelu. Sachin informs Princy that he has devised a surefire method to prevent her marriage and requests that she prepare. Princy notices the note and informs her mother that she is ready to marry. Nandini is sceptical of Princy’s abrupt change of heart.

Maitree and Harsh search the storeroom for photos from Vimal’s previous marriage. Maitree informs Harsh that Vimal has married and divorced numerous women, and they intend to use evidence to expose Vimal’s marital cheating scam. They are on their way out. They no longer see Vimal. Maitree and Harsh threaten Vimal with exposure. When Vimal explains they can’t, she locks them in a storage room and walks away. Maitree and Harsh find that their phone does not have a network to call anyone.

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