Meet 26th May 2023 Written Update

Meet 26th May 2023 Written Update by Tanaya

Meet 26th May 2023 Written Episode

Meet says if someone try to touch my daughter I won’t leave him and asks everyone to find Sumeet. Manmeet says don’t worry we will find her.

Kanika says to her men because of her we were not able to reach Chiku because she qas hiding him. She is clever like her mother handle her carefully. Sumeet says leave me.

Mahendra also looking for Sumeet, he gets call from Kanika she says it was my mistake to trust you, you are unable to do one job. Mahendra try to talk to her but she hungs up.

Manmeet says my phone is with Sumeet call her. Meet calls Manmeet’s number and his phone start ringing. Manmeet asks everyone to look for phone. Amma asks kids to look for the phone. Manmeet finds his phone on ground says I have phone with me this means Sumeet is not here. Masum says you found phone near gate is that someone took Sumeet and she dropped the phone here. Meet and Manmeet in shock. Hoshiyar says to Masum you are right she is kidnapped. Meet in shock falls she remembers her first child falling down the cliff, Meet says I won’t lose Sumeet like Chiku, I won’t let anything happen to her. Meet crying Amma hugs her says don’t worry she ia your daughter nothing will happen to her. Meet says I won’t let anything happen to her and she walks away. Hoshiyar says to Manmeet I’ll look for her outside. Chiku start praying for Sumeet.

Gunwanti get’s scared says they will call police I’m sure and we will go to jail, she asks Mahendra to run away. Mahendra says shutup and act as if your are also looking for Sumeet or else they will doubt on us.

Manmeet and Meet looking for Sumeet in home. Manmeet get’s call from kidnapper says your daughter is with us. Manmeet says she is daughter of Sangwan family remember, tell me what you want or if something happens to my daughter I’ll tear you apart. Kidnapper says your daughter is fine and we don’t want money, we want to exchange your daughter with that orphan boy. Manmeet asks why do you want him. Kidnapper says do as I say bring that boy and take your daughter. Kanika signal him to go to Sumeet. Kidnapper takes his phone to Sumeet. Meet see’s Manmeet’s shadow. Gunwanti and Mahendra keeping eye on Manmeet. Gunwanti says Kanika is able to handle the situation for exchanging Sumeet. Kidnapper says to Manmeet listen your daughter’s voice. Sumeet says help me dad they caught me, please come to save me. Manmeet says no need to worry nothing will happen to you. Kidnapper says I’ll call you later. Meet walks to Manmeet and asks who were you talking too, I’m asking you something tell me. Manmeet standing still. Gunwanti says to Mahendra why isn’t he telling Meet about Kanikas call. Manmeet says it was Sumeet’s call she told me that she is at her friends house with Anuja because she was unable to come to party. Gunwanti asks Mahendra why is he lying is she trying to do something. Jasodha looking at Manmeet from distance. Meet says to Manmeet look into my eyes and says tell me truth. Manmeet says I’m telling truth. Meet says then why were you quiet when I was asking you about Sumeet. Manmeet says it was better father and daughter just like you and Sumeet talk. Meet says okay I understand I was worried about her. Manmeet try to cover up the situation. Meet says it’s good that she is safe. Manmeet says don’t worry her father will bring her back. Meet asks him again tell me everything is fine. Manmeet says yes I’m just having headache I’ll go and sit in room and he walks away. Meet get’s call from police, he says Kanika is coming to meet manager. Meet that minister’s Secratary. He says yes. Meet says okay do one thing forward the meetings room time by half n hour, I will to meet manager as Kanika. He says okay and disconnects call. Meet says I should go alone because Manmeet is having headache and it’s getting late I’ll tell him later.

Jasodha says to Manmeet I can see you are in some tension tell me what wrong, you can’t hide from me, now tell what’s wrong. Manmeet says some kidnapped Sumeet and they are saying they will Sumeet when we will give them Chiku, they have given 1 hour. Jasodha asks who are they and do you know them. Manmeet says I don’t know but they are very powerful, I have to save my daughter.

Goon give food to Sumeet. Sumeet says my father tell me story when I eat. He says I’m not your father. Sumeet start mocking him and compare them to villains of Bollywood. Goons throws the food shouts at her and leave.

Meet joins Chiku while praying. Meet says Chiku Sumee is alright and takes him with her.

Manmeet says to Jasodha I don’t understand how can I tell Meet about this. Meet walks to Manmeet with Chiku and says I need to go out for important work please look after Chiku I know house is the safest place but still I want you to look after her and that’s the reason I amke him wore the watch, I’ll be back soon just look after her I’m giving you a big responsibility and asks Chiku to stick with Manmeet and she leaves. Mahendra and Gunwanti listen everything. Manmeet also walks out. Jasodha walks to Manmeet says I know you are worried but this is not the time to think, Sumeet is your blood and she is your responsibility, she might be scared. Manmeet remembers what Goon said to him. Jasodha says to Manmeet I understand you very well but today you have to be a father and handle the responsibility. Manmeet remembers Meet asking him to look after Chiku.

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