Meet 29th January 2023 Written Update

Meet 29th January 2023 Written Update by Tanaya

Meet 29th January 2023 Written Episode

Jasodha remember telling Babita about Shagun’s marriage. Sarkar walk towards her with stick. Jasodha scared. Sarkar say tell me why did you go. Jasodha says I went to buy stuff for Shagun’s marriage. Sarkar says no you went there to tease her, you don’t understand her mind up till now she might be thinking about stuff.

Meet in her eoom say there is something I’m missing. Raj walk to Meet say here is the dress Babita sent this for your to try and aks her why you look tensed what happen. Meet say in Sarkarpur nothing is happen without Sarkar’s decision.

Sarkaytry to hit Jasodha with stick but Manmeet come in between to save her. Everyone in shock.

Manmeet say do not try to hit ladies. Sarkar men come to hit Manmeet but Sarkar hit him and tell everyone he is my son. Manmeet smirk.

Meet say to Raj Sarkar don’t do anything without any reason and Shagun is also getting married to same day I think every point is connected but something I’m missing I have to go and find out.

Sarkar tell everyone he is my third son Manmeet and he love his mom a lot and cannot see her in trouble. Manmeet take blessings from Jasodha and hugs her. Sarkar welcome Manmeet in his palace. Manmeet touch his feet and take blessings. Sarkar tell everyone he is Chotay Sarkar my youngest son. Jasodha reveal how because of a fatel dieses and on the advice of baby she had to send Manmeet to her Granny’s place for 24 years. Manmeet hugs his brother. Jasodha walk to Manmeet get’s emotional hugs him and start crying.

Raj tell Meet after listening you I also feel very wierd, I don’t understand what’s good if you get married to Manmeet. Meet say I don’t understand what is this connection.

Manmeet says I have to take revenge of all the sins Meet has done and will bring her as a one day bride and throw her in my mother’s feet and make her beg for forgiveness and by punish her on every breathe and she will never forget who Bapu Sarkar is all her life and all these women who want to support her will burry this thought and cheer in name of Bapu Sarkar and if Bapu Sarkar says I will burry Meet too here. Imarti asks Manmeet how did he cut his hand, Manmeet says to her if I cut my hand how will I choke her to death and shows that he still has his hand intact.

Bapu Sarkar says I am so proud of my son, I wanted revenge from that girl but when I saw the picture of her dead husband I was shocked to see resemblance with Manmeet and knew that even God wants to punish her and planned all this and thought she will accept him but she is strong player and didn’t fall for any game plans and in the end Manmeet’s trick worked, her guilt made her accept our plan and she got trapped in our plan.

Meet says to Raj, I says am not able to digest all this. Babita walks in and says this is because you haven’t overcome your past yet and trust me this is good decision for you and Manmeet. Babita asks Chanda to make sure Meet tries the dress and leaves with Raj.
Chanda says to Meet, don’t think so much Manmeet is very nice think about him and not Sarkar, you are so lucky that you found someone like Manmeet in Sarkarpur.

Manmeet’s sister hears all this and decides to tell Meet the truth. Jashoda warns everyone thay this news shouldn’t go outside this palace and if anyone does she will make sure they rot in hell.

Meet asks Chanda to do her a favour and with help.of her husband plant a small camera in Sarkarpur. Chanda says I would go myself but until Shagun’s wedding no one can go inside or come outside and only family members are allowed in Shagun’s wedding. Meet gets more suspicious and leaves.

Manmeet says to Jashoda, now your all revenge will be fulfilled and cook youself delicious meal, Jashoda hugs him and says you go for haldi I will send some with Chotu. Bapu Sarkar asks Manmeet to be careful of Meet because she is very smart. Manmeet says yes and leaves.

Manmeet leaving Bapu Sarkar’s house from back door, Meet sneaks in. Manmeet sees Meet, Meet sees Manmeet and thinks what is he doing here.

Manmeet and Meet’s haldi function taking place.
Manmeet asks Meet where is she lost. Meet says I am thinking why is Bapu Sarkar having a close wedding for Shagun. Shagun disguises as dancer and dances in the function. Manmeet sees her and gets tensed.
Meet gets suspicious and stops Shagun.

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