Yeh Hai Chahatein 29th January 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 29th January 2023 Written Update by MA

Yeh Hai Chahatein 29th January 2023 Written Episode

Nayan walks to doctor and asks why Revati gave her money. Doctor asks why should she tell her. Nayan threatens to inform hospital authorities. Doctor says Revati gave donation to the hospital. Nayan thinks Revati told its doctor’s family, either one of them are lying and she needs to find out truth. She finishes Aaliya’s work and tells Sam that she finished all her work and will come tomorrow and ready Aaliya for marriage. Sam says he didn’t give her permission yet. She says she is waiting. He asks her to return tomorrow on time and closes door. She hides in a storage room for some time and then peeps into Aaliya’s room to find out what they are hiding from her. She is shocked to see Sam, Aaliya, and Revati celebrating with a champagne and thinks they all 3 lied and are playing games to trap Mohit and force him to marry Aaliya. She records Aaliya’s confession that she is happy that she will be marrying Aaliya tomorrow and will not have to continue her paralysis drama. Revati suggests to act as getting well gradually or else her plan will be exposed. Aaliya says she is tired of this drama. Sam says they will do whatever she says.

Nayan thinks she will send video to Mohit and expose all 3. A nurse notices her and asks what is she doing here. Nayan drops her mobile in fear. Sam rushes out and asks Nayan what is his wife doing here, tells nurse that he had called his wife here. Nurse leaves. Sam drags Nayan in and tells Revati that Nayan must have recorded their conversation. Revati asks him to check her mobile. Sam finds video in her mobile and deletes it. Nayan asks him to let her go. Sam says he is not a stupid to leave her. Nayan says he filed a false abutment of suicide and then attempt to murder case on Mohit and Ishani, she will expose them and stop Aaliya and Mohit’s marriage. Sam says he will not let her do that and ties her to a chair in a store room. Nayan says he is doing wrong by confining her and her family will find her at any cost. Revati sends a guard to guard Nayan. Sam messages Nayan’s phone that she will stay at Sam’s house until Aaliya and Mohit’s wedding finishes.

Ishani returns home. Malati asks her about Nayan. Ishani says she met Nayan with Sam, Mohit, and Aaliya at a mall. Malati gets Nayan’s message. Ishani says Sam must have forced Nayan to stay there as Nayan will never agree to stay there, so she will visit Samrat’s house and check. She visits Sam’s house and seeing Mohit asks how is his wedding preparation going on. He says this is his dream wedding and the one he had in a temple with her was a drama. She says it was a truth for her though. He asks if she came to say that. She says she came to meet Nayan. He says Nayan is not here and didn’t see her since evening. Sam brings Aaliya home on a wheelchair. She likes decoration. Sam says he will make sure her dream wedding happens as she likes.

Sam gets angry seeing Ishani and shouts how dare she is to come here. Ishani says just like he detained Nayan here and insists to meet Nayan as she knows Nayan wouldn’t stay here. Sam says Nayan is his wife and its her duty to participate in family wedding. Ishani says she will not go until she meets Nasayan. Nayan cuts rope using a blade nearby and tries to get out of room. Mohit supports Ishani and asks him to call Nayan. Sam nerously says she must be in some work and asks Ishani to leave. Ishani says she herself will go and check. Revati stops her and warns her to stop her drama and leaves. Ishani says they can do whatever they can.

Precap: Nayan writes HELP on a glass window. Aaliya gets ready as a bride and thanks Sam. Revati’s guard washes off glass window and ties Nayan back to a chair.

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