Meet 31st May 2022 Written Update

Meet 31st May 2022 Written Update by Tanaya

Meet 31st May 2022 Written Episode

Everyone in hall. Meet Ahlawat on his knees says to Raj please dad don’t do this I apologise for my behaviour please don’t take her from me. Meet walks to Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat stand up. Meet ask are you saying right. Meet Ahlawat says do you believe I’m in condition to say, please stop it. Meet hugs him and says to Raj let’s stop this drama I cannot see his condition. Raj walks to Meet Ahlawat says I want to see this kind of bond between you two and says there is someone coming between you two who will strengthen your relation. Meet Ahlawat says who is he I won’t leave him. Meet shush him, hold his hand and take it yo her stomach. Meet Ahlawat says what, we are going yo be parents, he gets excited and hugs Raj. Meet Ahlawat so much happy, he says to Meet is this all true can you pinch me one time. Meet pinch him badly. Meet Ahlawat says now you will be mom and I’ll be father and says you know one time I thought that I lost you forever but I didn’t know a surprise was waiting for me, he apologies to her for his behaviour and promise this won’t happen again. Meet apologies to him too. Meet Ahlawat hugs her. Babita ask Raj will you tell me what is happening is she pregnant in real or it’s a prank, you won’t lie to me tell me truth. Raj says yes Babita is true. Babita ask then what was this. Raj says I know everyone will be confused so I’ll explain everything and tell everything about the situation because I want that my son should understand that they are made for eachother. Raj says to Meet Ahlawat I have to do this so that you understand how valuable she is and understand that you both are together for eachother. Babita says and in this game your daughter in law was ready to hurt him. Raj says no she was not ready, it was me you asked her to do, she was not having strength to complete the game but I asked her to wait for some more time. Raj says to Meet Ahlawat in reality I was also feeling bad for you but I know that I have to do it and now you have grow your relation strong with your wife and now you are going to be father. Raj ask Meet Ahlawat how you would have felt if she would have taken transfer and then you come to know that she is pregnant. Meet Ahlawat says I’m fool. Babita says to Meet Ahlawat it’s not your fault the situation was not appropriate and says to Meet I have no doubt in that you have made everyone happy in this house with your news, we were waiting for this kind of good news for years and today you made our wish came true, thankyou but remember one thing being mother is a big responsibility so from now you have to be responsible and I believe that you may not ignore your kid in your stubbornness, take good care of your baby, if you need anything for help me and Ragini are always with you, you just take care of our grandchild. Meet says I’ll try my best. Raj says Babita smile a bit why are you worried at all, I’ll give her reminder timely, and ask her to smile, she smiles and Raj says that’s why I’m your fan and ask everyone to celebrate. Everyone dancing and celebrating.

Same night, Meet and Meet Ahlawat in garden. Meet Ahlawat help her to sit on chair. Meet Ahlawat smiling and seeinyher. Meet says why are you smiling am I joker. Meet Ahlawat says no and tells I was smiling because of the article your were reading. Meet says yes I was reading and it exist. Meet Ahlawat ask what about envelope photo. Meet make him standup says it was your photo. Both of them spend romantic time with eachother. Meet Ahlawat says you look beautiful with this long hair your jewellery and makeup everything is beautiful. Meet says I know you like to see me dressed so I’ll get ready for you daily, I’ll grow my hair long and wear jewellery too, I’ll because just like you want, your dream girl.

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