Mithai 31st May 2022 Written Update

Mithai 31st May 2022 Written Update by Atiba

Mithai 31st May 2022 Written Episode

Scene 1
Sid tells Mithai that her mother has cancer and not Dadu. Mitha is shocked to hear that. Mithai starts crying. Indu feels pain for her. Sid thinks I can’t Indu go from here.

Karishma is calling Rohan but he cuts her call. Rajeev asks Rohan to take the call. He takes the call and she thanks him for clarifying everything. She says Kirti clarified that she doesn’t have feelings for you. This Mithai was making up things. Karishma starts talking about the US. Rohan says so much happened and you are worried about vacations? Karishma says that the issue is sorted.

Kirti says I can’t tell papa but the truth is that I love Rohan, I don’t know how it happened but it did. Mithai said that a lover can’t hurt others so I will keep this as a secret.

Sid tells Mithai I know this is big news but you have to show some strength with for her. Mithai says I have fought before for my father then I struggled my whole life, I have always shown strength so I am sure that I will save my mom. She says I won’t let anything happen to Maa. The doctor comes there and says she is critical, we have to bring her to the hospital for a check-up. Mithai asks about the money for her treatment. The doctor says you don’t have to worry, Sid is handling everything.. Mithai thinks he cares about my mom so much. Mithai asks Indu why did you hide about this from me? It’s okay, we will get you treated. Let’s go from there. She makes Indu get up and start leaving. Sid comes there and asks what are you doing? Mithai says I am taking her back to the village. Sid says are you crazy? She needs treatment here. Mithai says we don’t want to create any more problems for this family. Sid says Indu is not going anywhere. Mithai says you people have done a lot of favor on us but we do have self-respect too. Sid says is there anything more important than Indu’s treatment? Mithai says nothing but I will get her treated, whenever she has an appointment, let us know and we will be back but we have to go now. She starts leaving but Sid says you saw her condition today, how will you bring her here if she gets ill? Will you be able to bear seeing her in pain? Mithai says what about Girish? Girish comes there and says what’s going on? Sid tells Girish that Mithai and Indu are not going anywhere. Girish says I have already taken the decision so they are leaving. Sid says I am part of this family so I am stopping them and for a good reason. Indu has lung cancer and her treatment is going on. All are shocked. Sid tells Girish that I hope you at least let me help a person who is ill. He says I will take Mithai’s responsibility and she will not create any issue.

Precap: Girish says to Sid everyone was happy with my decision so why did you come with the third option? Sid asks him what is your problem? that Mithai and Indu aunty living in this house or I didn’t listen your decision.
Mithai calls Sid as Siddarth ji. Sid is in shock and asks what did you say me? Siddarth ji? Mithai says thanks for whatever you did for my mom.
Shubham says to Sid thanks for taking care of Mithai and Indu, from now on you don’t have to look after them, now they are my responsibility.

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