Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara 5th June 2024 Written Update

Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara 5th June 2024 Written Update by Amena

Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara 5th June 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Shivam scolding Sajeeri and insulting her for her illiteracy. Sajeeri cries. Shivam asks her to open the packaging right away. Aaji asks him to calm down and not get angry. He says sorry, I can’t take risk, we can’t send the food in this packaging. Sajeeri says there is nothing wrong in the food, I will pack everything again. Nalini and Priya help. Sajeeri sees the egg shell in the food. Shivam and everyone see it. Shivam says you said nothing wrong happened in cooking, then what’s this. Mandira says its Jain order, pure veg, who has put egg in it. Shivam scolds Sajeeri. Sajeeri says I don’t know. He asks was there anyone else in the kitchen. She says but I don’t know how this egg came in the food. Aaji also scolds Sajeeri.

She says calm down, I have a contract copy, we have three hours to deliver the order, electricity has come in the office, the staff will complete the order, don’t be angry, Sajeeri didn’t do well.

She says I will manage. Sajeeri says trust me, I didn’t put the egg shells. He says you think I m a fool, I can’t trust you. Nalini says I trust Sajeeri. They all go. Shivam checks the egg shell and sees the nail paint mark on it. Sajeeri recalls his words and cries. He comes and asks her to show her hands. She asks will it change my fate. He checks her hands. He sees her plain nails. He leaves. She asks what happened to him.

Shivam sees Anjali’s white nail paint. He goes out and observes Priya and others. He talks to the client and apologizes for the delay. He sees Mandira boxing. He asks her to remove the gloves once. He says I will help. She says don’t mind, I m not foolish and illiterate like your wife, I have worn the gloves right. She goes.

He thinks to check her hands. Sajeeri talks to Supriya on call. She asks her to take rest. She lies that she is very happy. She ends the call and cries. Riya takes the tab and shows the video to Shivam. Shivam gets shocked seeing Mandira adding the egg shells in the food. He gets angry. Aaji punches Mandira’s face. She asks what’s this deed, look at this, you are such a fool. She doesn’t let Mandira say her name. Shivam says its our big loss, our family’s reputation. Aaji lectures Mandira. She asks Shivam to let it go, Mandira is insecure with Sajeeri’s coming. Nalini says you punished Sajeeri, you scolded her a lot, she has more maturity and understanding, she can never get the family insulted. Priya says you scolded her a lot, she is much hurt, I suggest you can make some plan to cheer her up. He goes to the room. Sajeeri says I have set the room as you want. He says get ready at 7pm, we will go on dinner. She gets surprised. He says I know, it wasn’t your mistake and I scolded you a lot in anger, I m sorry. She refuses. He says its okay if you don’t want to go. She says fine, I will come with you. He leaves. Nalini comes and says I heard it, he accepted his mistake and he is taking you out, wear something nice. Sajeeri hugs her. She gets her bag and shows the clothes. Nalini asks why didn’t you arrange your clothes in the cupboard. Sajeeri says he likes to sort his things well, so I didn’t touch his things. Nalini says you both are married now, you have an equal right on him and his things. She asks her to get ready. Shivam is on the way. He sees Sachi with her BF.

Shivam shouts on seeing Sachi’s pic. He raises hand on Sajeeri. Nalini slaps him and lectures him.

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