Shaitani Rasmein 5th June 2024 Written Update

Shaitani Rasmein 5th June 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Shaitani Rasmein 5th June 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Prateik and Aarohi feeling much cold and shivers as the room where thay have locked themselves have frozen. Kichkari Nikki dances. Prateik applies tape to Aarohi’s injured hand. Aarohi starts feeling pain in her abdomen. Prateik asks if the baby is fine. Vikram feels pain in his hand while was twisted by Kichkandi. Sumitra jerks his hand to make him fine. Vikram removes nails jewellery from Sumitra. He sees Suguna unconscious or dead on the floor and asks Sumitra to handle self. Nikki is still dancing. Piyush is walking on the burning coal and collecting the seeds. Prateik asks Aarohi to handle herself. Kichkandi dances and sits on the floor. Vikram comes to Suguna and sees the powder fallen there. Sumitra gets up, but faints. Vikram rushes to her. Piyush is sitting on his knees and collecting the seeds. Aarohi is in utmost pain. Prateik gets an idea to save them. Piyush falls down on the burning coal. Pindari baba asks him to get the last seed. Piyush manages to get it and falls to the safety, but faints. Pindari baba says you did it. Prateik brings Aarohi out. Kichkandi attacks them and makes Prateik faint, and takes Aarohi from there.

Pindari baba applies something on Piyush’s body and asks him to get up, and says you can’t die. Piyush gains consciousness. Pindari says you have Tapsee’s 108 seeds in your hands, when it is thrown on Kichkandi on Rahukaal then it will show its effect, and tells that you have 1 hr 30 mins for Rahukaal to begin. He asks if you can do it. Piyush says yes. He gets up. Saudamini falls from the cliff, but holds the edge and says nothing can stop her from dealing with Maha Shaitaan.

Aarohi shouts Prateik and cries. Prateik gains consciousness. Vikram asks Sumitra to gain consciousness and tells that they have to save Aarohi. Prateik knocks on the door and asks Kichkandi Nikki to open the door. Vikram and Sumitra come there. Vikram asks Prateik why did they go separate ways. Prateik says suddenly Aarohi’s abdomen starts increasing and she got labour pains. They get surprised to know. Aarohi delivers the baby. Kichkandi Nikki walks out of the room. Everyone run behind her and asks her to give baby to her. Aarohi pleads infront of her to give her baby. Kichkandi tells that she don’t kill the children. She says she will kill someone before going. Sumitra asks her not to harm Nikki. Kichkandi says how can I kill her, as Malik will punish her. She asks them to see the baby for the last time. She says she will kill Aarohi and asks what she will do without her child. She kills Aarohi and says Kichkandi’s punishment is done, now I will take the child. She leaves Nikki’s body. Nikki falls down. Sumitra asks Nikki to come in her senses. Nikki gains consciousness. Sumitra and Nikki plead infront of Kichkandi to leave the baby. Nikki says take me with you. Piyush comes there and sees Kichkandi holding the baby. He throws Tamsee’s seed on her. Kichkandi is about to vanish. Nikki holds her before she could vanish and reach in a strange world. She sees Two Moons and gets shocked. She thinks where did Kichkandi take the baby? She sees the lady ghost and says I couldn’t fight with you, as you was inside me. She walks and sees another ghost and looks on. Piyush tells that he will bring their baby and Nikki. Prateik says Aarohi is sleeping after her delivery. Vikram says she is dead and asks him to see that she is dead. Prateik realizes she is dead and blames Nikki. He curses that Kichkandi shall kill Nikki like she killed Aarohi. Piyush promises that he will bring Nikki and their baby back, though he can’t bring Aarohi bhabhi back. Pindari says there is no way. Nikki is walking there. Piyush asks Pindari baba to tell the solution. Pindari baba says Kichkandi took them to Pret Lok and says I can’t say that if they are alive or dead. Piyush says I can’t leave her alone. Pindari Baba says no alive human can go to Pret lok. Piyush says dead person can go and tries to kill them. They stop him. Pindari Baba tells Piyush that he can make him talk to Nikki if she is alive. He says just an hour is left now from 2 hours for them to live. Nikki sees Kichkandi singing lullaby for the baby. Kichkandi says you shouldn’t have hold my legs, now you will not return.

Precap: Nikki asks Kichkandi to return the baby. Kichkandi refuses. Piyush falls in the Pret lok well.

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