Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara 7th July 2024 Written Update

Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara 7th July 2024 Written Update by Amena

Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara 7th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Mandira saying its my saree, give it to me. Sachi says its Sajeeri’s saree. Sajeeri wears the saree gifted by Shivam and comes downstairs. Everyone smiles. Shivam compliments her. Mandira says return my saree, I have to get ready. Sajeeri says yes, its Mandira’s saree, I was saying this, but you didn’t listen. Sachi gets upset. She tears the saree pallu intentionally. Mandira sees the saree torn. Sachi says so sorry, this happened by mistake. Aaji says Sachi is more foolish than Mandira. Shivam goes on a call. Sachi apologizes to Shivam and expresses her feelings. He says that was my past, I forgot everything. She says I m very sorry, I realized my mistake. He says please leave, I m a married man and Sajeeri is my wife. She asks are you happy with this marriage.

He says its my life, its none of your business. Sajeeri comes and sees Sachi holding his hand. She asks what is going on, why did you hold his hand. He says I will tell you. Sachi says he got hurt, I was seeing that. Sajeeri asks him if he is much hurt. She says he hides his pain. She asks Sachi to get ready for cake cutting. She takes Shivam with her.

Aaji comes. Sachi says Shivam isn’t ready to talk to me. Aaji says give him time, keep trying to go close to him. Sachi smiles. Shivam says I liked the sugarfree halwa, you make it again. Sajeeri smiles. she says fine, I will make it tomorrow. He thinks to tell her about Sachi and him. He says I have to tell you something. She asks him to say. He gets a call and thanks Mr. Joshi. He says I have an imp meeting. She says fine, I will make breakfast for you, you were going to say something. He says nothing. He goes. Aaji comes and says Sajeeri, you have to go to Kuldevi temple tomorrow morning, Shivam will go for his meeting, its imp to go there, I will keep these things in our temple, take this along. Sajeeri agrees.

Aaji asks Sachi to make Shivam’s fav breakfast dishes, he will get impressed. Sachi says I don’t know cooking, you help me. Aaji asks why, you have to impress Shivam. Sachi says you want me to become your bahu. Aaji agrees. Sachi smiles. Aaji says you at least pretend that you cooked the food. Sachi says sure.

Its morning, Aaji pours water at Sachi’s face and wakes her up. Sachi screams. She sees Aaji and says sorry. Aaji says just come to the kitchen, you have to pretend you are cooking the food. She goes. Shivam wakes up. Aaji says you help me at least, at least pretend, come. Nalini comes. Aaji says I just had water. Nalini asks what are you doing here. Sachi says Shivam…. Aaji acts and signs no to Sachi. Nalini says Shivam is choosing about food, I will make it. Aaji says take me to room.

Sachi takes the breakfast for Shivam. She says Nalini was busy, she asked me to make it for you, come. Shivam says I had breakfast. Sachi says but Sajeeri isn’t at home, you are lying. Sajeeri comes from the temple. She says I had made the breakfast. She gives them prasad. Sachi says you are coming now, when did you make the breakfast and when did Shivam eat. Sajeeri recalls waking up at 4am. She goes to make breakfast. She gets the breakfast and leaves for temple.

She asks why did you work hard, how did you cook. Sachi says I m learning from internet. Shivam says thanks Sajeeri, breakfast was tasty. He leaves for office. Sajeeri says I will eat the food you made, I will break my trust. She goes to freshen up. Aaji looks on. Nalini comes and gets the balm. Aaji says its not needed, I m feeling better, go and see if Vikram needs anything. Sachi thinks to plan something big.

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