Teri Meri Doriyaann 7th July 2024 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 7th July 2024 Written Update by MA

Teri Meri Doriyaann 7th July 2024 Written Episode

Gurnoor tells Angad that nobody wants a drama in their lives, but she doesn’t know when the drama happens in her and people surrounding her’s lives. Angad says he wants to know her past. Gurnoor says after her parent’s death, she was supporting herself by working in a restaurant; she wanted to always become a singer and got a singer’s job at a restaurant; one day when she was performing at a restaurant when Zoravar saw her; he kidnapped her, drugged her, married her, and kept her under confinement torturing her each day; one day, she gathered courage and escaped from his mansion; she doesn’t want others to get into trouble because of her. She starts walking.

Angad stops her and insists her to return back to his house and Akeer and promises that Zoravar can never touch her. He opens car door for her. Gurnoor thinks Mr Brar promised to support her even after knowing her truth, is it right to put his family at risk due to her selfishness. She starts walking again and thinks why she feels pain when she is going away from her. Veer tells Angad that they shall go home, god helps one who helps themselves, Gurnoor took her decision. Garry says Veer is right and asks Angad to close the door. Angad says he is sure Gurnoor will return as she says something and does something, recalling the past incidents. He waits eagerly for her. She returns to him.

Angad takes Gurnoor home. Manveer shouts that when she asked her if she is married, she flatly denied; why did she return. Angad says he already described Gurnoor’s story, how her husband drugged and married her and how he tortured her. Manveer says her husband must be knowing her location and would create trouble for them, so she should get out of the house. Other family members also insist. Hansraj says Angad is lenient on Gurnoor as he sees Sahiba in her. Angad says he doesn’t see Sahiba in Gurnoor and is genuinely helping a person in need. He seeks Bebe’s opinion. Bebe says even she is on her family’s side. Angad says he is following Daarji’s rules. Bebe says Daarji had one more rule to break all the rules and people’s heart to protect the family. Garry says Akeer is emotionally attached to Gurnoor and can’t bear her separation. Bebe says they will find some other teacher for Akeer. They all insist Gurnoor to go.

Gurnoor tells Angad that she already told him that nobody wants any drama in their lives, it’s better she leaves. Jasleen warns her to never return back. Angad holds Gurnoor’s hand and says if she can’t stay here, he will also go with her. Manveer shouts if he will leave his family for this girl. Angad says protecting Gurnoor is his priority now. Bebe says she took a decision to keep her family united, she doesn’t want Angad to go and hence Gurnoor can stay here. Manveer shouts again that there shouln’t be any problem to her family because of Gurnoor. Angad assures that there won’t be any problem. Simran tells Gurnoor that Angad never breaks his promise. Angad asks Keerat to take Gurnoor to her room.

Back to room, Gurnoor tells Keerat that she felt special seeing Angad supporting her against his family, she can’t describe how she is feeling for Angad. Angad walks in. Keerat leaves. Gurnoor says he wouldn’t have come to discuss about today’s incident. Angad apologises her for misunderstanding her and misbehaving with her.

Precap: Sahiba runs around the house. Angad walks behind her. Gurnoor says she wants to tell him something which she never told to anyone. Zoravar speaks and says even he wants to listen from her, gudiya. Gurnoor gets tensed seeing him.

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