Mehndi Wala Ghar 11th June 2024 Written Update

Mehndi Wala Ghar 11th June 2024 Written Update by Amena

Mehndi Wala Ghar 11th June 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Mauli asking what did Rati say. Rahul says she was hurt, I m sure she will understand it with time. She says she came to my room, she was disturbed, she might have got me drunk. He says I will handle it. She says no, let me talk to her, Rati can’t bear the pain of rejection, where is she. Someone rings the bell. Rahul opens the door and sees Rati. Rati says I was looking for you, why did you change your room. He asks her to come in. Ajay stays angered. Janki says I have explained him a lot. Swara looks on. Janki says I m hurt. Swara takes the tea for Ajay. Ajay refuses to have it.

Hari and Janki look on. Swara apologizes. Ajay says you kept me away from my parents for 25 years, why are you sorry. She says I did this for my son. He says stop this madness, I will end this today. Rati sees Mauli. Mauli says I just got to know this, I was going away. Rahul says sorry Rati. Mauli says take your time, we are with you. Rahul says yes, we don’t need to take our relation ahead. Mauli says we won’t hurt you and move on, I won’t marry Rahul until your feelings for him change. Rati says I m not so selfish, my feelings don’t matter anymore, what matters is what you guys feel for each other, you love each other, I don’t want to come between you both, I m happy that you told your feelings to me, I m your best friend. They smile. Rahul hugs Rati and says you will always be my best friend, thanks. Mauli says thanks, you will get a life partner like Rahul soon. Rahul says we will go home and tell everyone about us. Rati says I will also come, else everyone will think I got unhappy and left for London, I want to tell them that I m happy with your alliance. Mauli says okay then, lets go. They leave. Rati gets angry and says I want Rahul, sorry, Mauli, you think I will let you take my Rahul so easily, he will be always mine, you better watch it.

Ajay says I will tell Vaibhav that we aren’t his parents. Swara says no, don’t do this, I will shatter. She cries. She asks Hari and Janki to stop Ajay. Rohit, Rahul, Mauli and Rati come back home. Rahul holds Mauli’s hand. Mauli says everyone is seeing. He says let them see, I m going to hold your hand forever. She says yes, you can, but not here. Rati gets jealous. Ajay shouts Vaibhav. Hari asks him to calm down. Ajay says no. Hari says you will regret. Ajay says no, Swara will regret, she will get punished. Swara says I can’t live, don’t do this. He says you kept me away from my parents for 25 years. She asks Manoj to explain Ajay and stop him from telling the truth to Vaibhav. Ajanta asks what’s the truth. Vijay and Manoj stop Ajay. Ajay says Swara lied to me, she said her brothers gave money to save the store, the truth is that Janki never took money, I couldn’t come to Ujjain because of her lie, Akshay fell alone here, she did a sin, she will get punished, I will also get punished. They all get shocked. Manoj says don’t do this in anger. Mauli thinks Rahul and I are going to make a new start, bless us. They hear the elders shouting. Ajay says leave me, Vaibhav should know the truth. Vaibhav asks what truth. Everyone looks on. Swara says come with me, I will get tea, don’t trust anyone. Vaibhav asks what happened, mummy. Ajay asks she isn’t your mummy, listen to me carefully. Swara says I beg you. Ajay says Vaibhav, you aren’t our son, Swara isn’t your mum, I m not your dad. Everyone is shocked.

They cry. Ajay says we adopted you. Tanvi goes to Vijay. Vaibhav says don’t let him drink bhaang. Ajay says I m not drunk, Tanvi and Vijay had twin children, Rahul and you. Vaibhav asks Swara what is Ajay saying. Ajay says she has lied to everyone all her life, I m telling you the truth, we had no child, Tanvi and Vijay gave you to us. Rahul, Vaibhav and everyone are shocked. Vijay sees Janki. FB shows Ajay giving the good news to Swara. She cries and says I don’t want to live without a child. He hugs her. Vijay and Janki look on. He goes to Tanvi. She asks what happened. He says we got two kids, but Ajay and Swara didn’t get any child, can we share our happiness with them, can we give them one of our child. Tanvi is shocked. She gives Vaibhav to Swara. FB ends. Rahul says Vaibhav is my twin brother. Vaibhav says you cheated me and ruined my life, I would have got raised in London like Rahul and Rohit, you took me to Jabalpur and made me beg to my Mama, you all saw my struggles and didn’t think of my rights. He gets angry. He says Tanvi and Vijay also didn’t think of me, you donated your son and didn’t think of me, you stayed 25 years well. Swara says I m your mum, you are my son. She hugs him. He pushes her away. He says you can call me your son but I can’t call you my mum. He goes. Janki scolds Ajay. She asks what did you get doing this. He says Swara broke my trust, how will the family get saved. He goes. Rohit asks did we come here to see this. Rahul says not now. Rati says Vijay and Tanvi did this…. Mauli asks Rahul to come with her. They pray. She says Ram stayed in exile to respect Kaikeyi’s words, why, because Kaushalya and Kaikeyi were his mothers, he trusted Kaikeyi, you trust your parents, they need you, support them. He nods.

Rahul talks to Manoj about his marriage. He says I want to marry Mauli, not Rati. Manoj asks what.

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