Shrimad Ramayan 11th June 2024 Written Update

Shrimad Ramayan 11th June 2024 Written Update by Amena

Shrimad Ramayan 11th June 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Meghnad and Angad fighting. Raavan’s ministers summons many demons. Ram comes there. Angad falls and chants Ram’s name. Ram faces the attacks of the demons. Meghnad asks are you tired. Angad says one who chants Ram’s name doesn’t get tired. They fight. The demon challenges Ram and says you can’t save Angad, you will get crushed. The other demon says Angad is lucky to die by Meghnad’s hands. Ram says nothing will happen to Angad. He fights the demons by shooting arrows at their fireballs. He says I didn’t come to give an answer but to battle for a motive. They block his way. Angad says Meghnad, your Gada doesn’t have strength to kill Bali’s son. He fights Meghnad with all his strength. Meghnad hits him. Angad falls down. Meghnad stares at him angrily.

Nal says you can’t harm Angad. Meghnad says you are Nal who has made the bridge to reach Lanka, I will make you reach Yamlok. Nal says you will die. Meghnad says time will show who will die. He beats Nal and says I wish you have a good journey. Nal falls far. He runs to Hanuman and Sugreev. He says Meghnad has attacked Angad, please save him, Hanuman. Everyone rushes to see. Meghnad says I will break you first and then your bridge, so that you vanar doesn’t get saved. Sugreev shouts Angad. Hanuman says nothing will happen to Angad when I m here.

Hanuman goes. He fights the Asurs. He sees a miniature demon hitting the vanars. He also takes a miniature form to fight the demon. Ram asks the demons to show his strength. He says this devil’s strength is fire, just water can end his strength, Varun Astra. He prays and gets the powers of the water. He shoots the arrows and kills the demons.

The other demons appear. Ram sees them coming back. They ask what happened, you thought Raavan has just two Astra. Ram gets affected by the demon’s smoke. He coughs. The demon says the demons can’t die, they are alive, we are immortal. They laugh. Ram shoots the arrows at the demons. Vibhishan says I have to tell their secret to Ram, else Ram can’t defeat them. Shukh comes to Raavan and says Meghnad’s plan worked, Ram is confused while fighting the demons. Raavan says no one can defeat Meghnad, I m proud of him, keep me updated about this fight. Laxman angrily comes to the battle field and shoots the Asurs.

The demon kills the vanar. He asks Laxman not to try to help Ram. Laxman says this battle will decide whose Kaal will come. Laxman fights the demon. Meghnad says I will kill you today. Angad says you can’t do it. Sugreev worries for Angad. Jambvanth asks him to go and save Angad. Meghnad and Angad continue to fight. Angad falls down. Shukh comes to Raavan and says Meghnad is going to kill Angad and punish him. Raavan says update me when Meghnad kills Ram, I want to see Sita’s faith shattering. He smiles.

Shukh says Hanuman and Meghnad had a battle, Meghnad got injured. Raavan says prepare my chariot, now Raavan will enter the battle field to kill Ram.

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