Mehndi Wala Ghar 25th June 2024 Written Update

Mehndi Wala Ghar 25th June 2024 Written Update by Amena

Mehndi Wala Ghar 25th June 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Manoj tying the gathbandhan. He blesses Mauli and Rahul. She gets conscious and gets shocked seeing the mandap. She asks what’s going on. She says Rahul, we can’t marry this way. He says Manoj is with us, we have his blessings. Manoj says family will never agree for your marriage, I m with you. Mauli says you love me and I love you the same, but I can’t make you away from your brothers. He says you think about yourself. She says this is wrong. He says this is right. Rahul asks Pandit to continue. She says no, I don’t want to marry. Rahul argues with her. She says we are one, mistake won’t be yours, but ours, family doesn’t like me already, they won’t see my face if they know this, I can’t convince them if we get married. He says they will not agree. Tanvi and everyone are on the way. She says I won’t accept their marriage if they get married. Janki says we are reaching on time. Rati gets angry and says you can’t marry Mauli, this is not done, Rahul, you are only mine. She cries. Vaibhav looks on. Jyoti prays. Mauli says I promised Janki, I won’t elope and marry. The family members reach there. Janki says Mauli promised me, she won’t elope and marry. Rahul says we didn’t elope, we are marrying with Manoj’s blessings. Mauli says this is wrong. He says we promised to support each other, support me now. She says this is wrong. He says fine, you won’t marry me, if the family doesn’t agree, I think only I want to marry you. She says you think I don’t want to marry you, fine, we will marry now, I m not okay with the way the marriage is happening. She asks Pandit to start the rituals. She asks Rahul to come, they will marry, it doesn’t matter if the family breaks. Rahul sits angered. Manoj cries. Janki and everyone come inside the temple and look on. Pandit asks them to stand for the rounds.

Janki says wow Mauli…. This is your truth, you couldn’t keep your promise for 24 hours, why did you fake the promise to me. She scolds Mauli. Mauli sees Rahul. Manoj says Mauli isn’t lying, this plan was… Tanvi says the marriage won’t happen. Vijay says yes, please leave. Pandit leaves.

Tanvi scolds Mauli. Swara insults Mauli. Rahul asks them to stop it. He says Mauli didn’t get me here, I got her here, she didn’t know anything about me. Tanvi asks did she wear this bridal dress just like that. Manoj says she didn’t want to come, we got her here without her will. Janki scolds him. Manoj and Vijay argue.

Mauli thinks I was scared for this. Rahul thinks we should do what’s right for us. They cry. She leaves. She comes home and cries. Janki tells everything to Hari. Hari says I didn’t expect this from Mauli. Vaibhav hears them and smiles. Vijay pushes Manoj and scolds him. He says don’t snatch my son, please, I was proud of you that you became a doctor, you left us alone, I lost the family because of you, I started a new life abroad, we came back home after many years, your nature didn’t change, you want to snatch Rahul from me. Manoj says no. Vijay says we used to give life for each other, you are suffocating me now. He cries.

Ajay hugs Vijay. Hari says you have scratched the old wounds again. Ajay says don’t fight because of the children, forget it and hug each other. Vijay says ask him to promise, he won’t let Rahul and Mauli marry. Manoj says they want to marry. Hari asks them to stop it. Vijay gets angry on Manoj. Janki shouts stop it, I will beat you both, if anyone fights now, then he can leave this house right away. Jyoti says we have to listen to the children. Tanvi argues.

Swara supports Tanvi. She says Rahul didn’t return home till now, he doesn’t care for the family. Mauli comes and says you have to walk taking along the children, if parents and children walk separately, then the family will get shaken. Tanvi asks why did you run away. Mauli says I didn’t run. She tells them everything. She says I have no proof, don’t fight because of me.

Mauli prays for Rahul. Rahul marries Rati and comes home. He asks what happened, why are you looking at me and my wife, Rati like this. Mauli and everyone are shocked.

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