Shrimad Ramayan 25th June 2024 Written Update

Shrimad Ramayan 25th June 2024 Written Update by Amena

Shrimad Ramayan 25th June 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Meghnad preparing to attack Ram and Laxman. Ram stays alert. He asks the vanars to be calm. Hanuman says my brave vanar soldiers, attack the devils. Huge rocks come their way and fall over the vanars. Ram and Laxman shoot the arrows to break the rocks. Ram says we have to do something, Rakshas will disappear in the darkness, its our duty to protect the ones fighting with us. He asks Sugreev to get oil and spread it in the enemy’s direction. Sugreev asks the soldiers to get the oil pots. The vanars get the oil pots. Ram and Laxman light the fire to spread the light. They get to see the devils army. Sugreev says the devils will attack on us once the fire is blown off. Nal says the land is hot, how will we attack them. Laxman says we will show them that we are attacking them, we will take an advantage of the hot land, step back, let the enemies walk on the hot land, we will wait for them. The devils army walks on the hot fire and come ahead to attack. Laxman shouts attack. The battle goes on. The devils run away. The vanars jump happily and chant Ram’s name.

Raavan sees Meghnad coming in his chariot. Meghnad says your son is ready to keep my promise, you will get the news of Ram and Laxman’s death before sunrise, bless me. Raavan blesses him to win. He says show your bravery and defeat this world with your powers, no fool should see Lanka ever, kill Ram and Laxman, return your family respect. They chant Mahadev’s name. Meghnad leaves. Ram sees the injured vanars. They all chant Ram’s name. Ram stops them. He says you all have shown your bravery, even Devs can’t fight illusion, you have kept faith for me, the enemy will plan an attack on us. He alerts and encourages them. The devil says this vanar is my target, we have to ensure that no one creates a hurdle in Meghnad’s way to reach the two vanvasis. The devils see Meghnad’s chariot and chant his name. The Asur lady asks Sita to see Meghnad going. She says get ready, you will soon get the news of Ram’s death.

Meghnad comes to Ram. Ram says Meghnad is coming. Laxman says he is brave, he has tolerated Hanuman’s attack and came back so soon, today he will die by my attack. He encourages the vanar sena. Meghnad prepares to attack. Vibhishan says Meghnad has got strong powers, battle won’t be easy. Laxman says battle is never easy. Ram says remember, Maya is his strength and he is Indrajit. He asks vanars to get ready. Meghnad asks them to show their power, save themselves if they can.

Laxman scolds him. Meghnad boasts of his powers. He asks them to save their sena if they can. He attacks the vanars. He laughs. Laxman asks Ram to help the vanars. He says I will see Meghnad. Ram asks him to stay alert. He goes to help the vanars. Laxman goes to attack Meghnad. Hanuman says it can be a problem to go in front of Meghnad, its imp to bring him to the ground first. He throws his gada at Meghnad’s chariot. The gada comes back to him. Meghnad disappears and laughs. He appears somewhere else. Laxman shoots the arrow at him. Meghnad disappears again. He attacks them from behind. They fall down. Ram turns to see.

Ram and Jamvanth help Hanuman and Laxman. Laxman asks Ram to take Hanuman. Ram says no, you take him, I will face Indrajit. Laxman says no, I have to answer him, he has challenged me, let me face him. Meghnad asks what happened, look at your vanars, they are leaving the battle field to save their lives, they will die because of you.

Ram and Laxman get attacked by Meghnad’s Naagpaash. Jatayu comes to their rescue.

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