Mehndi Wala Ghar 3rd June 2024 Written Update

Mehndi Wala Ghar 3rd June 2024 Written Update by Amena

Mehndi Wala Ghar 3rd June 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Manoj asking Manisha to say what she wants. Manisha asks her brothers to perform her Bidaai together. She says I want you all to unite, everyone made mistakes, but we made promises also. She reminds their past bonding. They all agree and perform the rituals together. She asks Manoj and Vijay to hug. They cry and hug, and recall their words. Everyone smiles. Manoj apologizes to Vijay. Main rahun na tere bina….plays…. They all hug. Rahul thinks Mauli has united the family finally. Manisha asks Janki to forgive her brothers. Janki agrees. She hugs her sons. They all cry happily.

Nanhe recalls Manoj asking for his watch. He gives his watch to Manoj. Manoj gets emotional. They hug. Mauli thinks finally, the moment has come, dad has been waiting for this, the family has got united. Manisha’s Bidaai rituals are done. Janki sings a song. Manisha cries and hugs her. Manisha leaves with Karan. Janki breaks her fast. Its morning, Janki asks Jyoti where is everyone. Jyoti says they didn’t come to have breakfast or morning tea. Mauli hears them. She goes and gets tea for Hari. Hari doesn’t take it. Mauli takes tea for Tanvi and others. They don’t want to have the tea. Mauli finds everyone sad. She thinks I have to plan something to get them back on track. She goes to Rahul. She says the entire house is sad, I need your help. Rahul threads the needle. She asks are you ignoring me. He gets hurt. She says sorry. Mann atak gaya hai….plays…. He asks don’t you get affected if I get engaged to Rati, are you happy. She says I m happy, you both love each other. He asks when did I say that I love Rati.

She reminds him that he has done roka with Rati. He says its okay, go now, I don’t want to help you or take your help. She cries and goes. She says he will come and say sorry. Jyoti asks what did he do. Mauli says he irritates me, don’t know what happened to him, he is talking weird things, he is asking me, if I have a problem with his engagement, I lied to him, I love him but can’t tell him, I don’t know why he is asking me. Jyoti says listen to me, I think… Mauli goes. Jyoti says she isn’t able to understand the meaning of his words.

A neighbor plays music aloud. Everyone hears the song. Ajay asks are you thinking the same. The brothers say yes. Akshay says we will tell Sarla aunty that she can’t hear the songs so loud. They say we weren’t thinking the same. They laugh. The music stops. Mauli sees Nanhe singing. She laughs. Nanhe says I know, I sing bad, don’t laugh. She says we can get everyone’s smile back by your talent. Manoj says we were thinking, we have to go back to our cities. Vijay says yes. Ajay says yes, Swara’s brother is troubling me. Akshay worries. Vijay says Rahul got engaged, I have to go to London and handle the restaurant work. Manoj says my team is calling me, they need me for complex surgeries, I will miss you all a lot. Vijay and Ajay say me too. Akshay says I will miss you all. They hear Nanhe singing. Mauli praises Nanhe and asks him to sing aloud. Everyone comes there. Hari asks Nanhe to stop it now. Janki asks what happened to him today. They all laugh. Mauli signs to Nanhe. Janki asks him to continue singing. She asks everyone to sing. They dance.

Jyoti says Rahul and Mauli love each other a lot, just I know this. Rahul holds Mauli’s hand. Janki says this relation cant happen.

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