Shrimad Ramayan 3rd June 2024 Written Update

Shrimad Ramayan 3rd June 2024 Written Update by Amena

Shrimad Ramayan 3rd June 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ram and the vanar sena reaching Lanka. Laxman says we have reached Lanka. They chant Ram’s name. The guard sees the army coming and says it’s a big army. The other guard says its impossible, how did they come here. Ram says Sita, I m coming to punish Raavan for troubling you. He steps in Lanka. Sita cries seeing Ram’s head. She shouts no. Raavan smiles. He fools her. She says Ram can’t be defeated until he has the Dhanush. Raavan shows the Dhanush. She cries. She says no. He says this Dhanush is also broken, truth won’t change if you don’t believe it. The minister sees Ram’s vanar sena and says we have to inform Raavan, Lanka is in danger. The guard says whoever will give this bad news to him will be beheaded. Ram and Laxman proceed with the army. The sena chants Ram’s name.

The minister threatens the guard and asks him to inform Raavan. Raavan asks Sita to accept his proposal. He forwards his hand to her. The guard comes and says Maharaj, Ram and his vanar sena have reached Lanka. Raavan gets angered. Sita smiles hearing this. Raavan’s illusion ends. Sita says my Ram has come. Raavan says I will kill him in front of you, Ram has come towards his death. Raavan goes to see Ram. He says Vibhishan has got Ram here, he is the traitor. He asks Shukh about Ram and his army. Shukh tells him about Laxman. Raavan says tell me in brief, don’t make an essay. He says I know Hanuman. Shukh tells about Sugreev, Kishkindha’s king. Raavan says he is a fool. Shukh says Nal and Neel have made this bridge, and that’s Bali’s son Angad, Jambvanth is Chiranjivi, Hanuman’s dad is Kesari. Raavan makes fun of them. He asks where is Ram. Shukh says he is there. Raavan sees Ram.

He warns Shukh and says welcome to Lanka, Ram. Vibhishan shows Raavan to Ram. Everyone sees Raavan. They get angry. Sugreev says so this is Raavan, he has no right to live. He flies off to reach Raavan. He fights the guards. He shouts to Raavan and flies to him. Raavan sees him.

Raavan says you are really vanar, you came here uninvited. Sugreev says even Kaal reaches without an invite. He hits Raavan. Raavan gets angry seeing the blood. Sugreev says I m Bali’s brother, I will not play with you, but end your game. He fights with the Asurs. Raavan catches his Gada and hits him. Ram and Laxman wait outside. Raavan says you know me now. He beats Sugreev. He says I have lifted Kailash mountain with these hands, I m a devil, YakshRaj Raavan.

Sugreev gets up to fight. He gets beaten up. Raavan says I don’t think you are Bali’s brother, Bali was really brave, you killed him by taking Ram’s help, you killed him by cheat, you are a coward. Sugreev says you tricked and kidnapped Sita. Raavan says I had peace treaty with Bali and Kishkindha, you should have respected it. Sugreev says you don’t respect women, why will I respect you. Raavan steps on his chest and says I will kill you and make your Kishkindha turn into hell, I will marry Roma.

Trijata says Raavan has called a Sabha. Sita says Ram will do something unthinkable.

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