Mehndi Wala Ghar 5th July 2024 Written Update

Mehndi Wala Ghar 5th July 2024 Written Update by Amena

Mehndi Wala Ghar 5th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with the NGO ladies coming home and scolding Janki and family. Manoj asks who are you. The lady says we have come to get justice for a victim, Janki, tell me, a wedding happened here, what’s the matter, why is it a secret. Suprabha comes and adds up the drama. The lady shows Rahul’s marriage certificate copy. Suprabha says you have hidden this from me also. The lady scolds Janki for torturing her new bahu. They protect against Janki and family. Rahul says calm down, you don’t know me, I m Rahul, who got married. Suprabha says he is from London, he has no Indian values. He says Rati and I got married, we decided to take divorce in a few hours, now my marriage broke. Suprabha says marriage of few hours, I heard this for the first time, why did you marry to break the relation. The lady scolds him. She asks Janki to call Rati. Rahul says its our personal matter, you may leave. Suprabha says don’t worry, I m here with you, you don’t need to leave. She calls Rahul shameless. Mauli says Rahul and Rati’s marriage is over now. Rati looks on. Mauli says we are not torturing her, you are torturing us with a false blame. Suprabha asks the ladies to say something.

She says Mauli is a divorcee, her husband left her on the first night of marriage and she is lecturing us, did you break Rahul and Rati’s marriage. Rahul says you won’t say anything to Mauli. She scolds Janki. The lady says Janki ji, tell me the truth else I will call the police. Rati says no, I will explain. The lady asks who are you. Suprabha says she is the victim, Rati. Rati says Rahul and I got married, I don’t know about Indian culture and we had fights, matter reached till divorce, but everything got fine at night. Suprabha asks what happened at night. Rati holds Rahul’s hand and says we have accepted each other as husband and wife, and we have consummated the relation. Rahul asks are you mad. Rati says they will call the police, the family will get insulted, we don’t want that. The lady asks are you saying the truth, we all are with you. Vijay says Rati is happy with Rahul. Tanvi says yes, we will get them married again. Rati acts great and asks Suprabha to be quiet. She asks them to trust her, she is very happy. Suprabha says Rahul, you should keep the marriage with Rati. They all leave. Rahul gets angry. Rati says you are upset as its my mistake, I won’t let the family get insulted, their happiness is my happiness. Jyoti asks who has informed the NGO. Mauli says I m sure Rati did this. Rahul says we made a big mistake by doing all this.

Mauli asks how can she do this alone, I m sure someone helped her. He says we will ask her. Jyoti takes a stick to beat Rati. Mauli stops her. Manoj says I will explain Rati well, what shall I do. Mauli stops them. She says Rati is doing this in ego, we shouldn’t answer her with revenge, we should show Rati’s truth to Janki, then she won’t support Rati. Rahul asks what will we tell Janki. Hari comes and says that Rati has taken someone’s help. Manoj asks who. Hari says I saw Rati talking to someone, that person was trying to cover himself with a blanket. Mauli says I know someone is helping Rati. Manoj says we have to tell this to mum. Mauli says no, I will go and speak to her, I will tell her Rati’s truth. She goes. Rati talks to Suprabha on call. Suprabha thinks why do I have itching. Hari prays. Rahul says I can’t ignore Mauli’s love and commitment just because she is a divorcee. Manoj asks Hari to support Mauli. Hari says I m with her, I have no problem that she is a divorcee, Vijay and Tanvi will never accept Mauli, the family will shatter again, I won’t let that happen, Rahul, your love got sacrificed for this family. Rahul gets sad. Janki cries. Mauli comes to Janki.

Mauli promises to expose Rati. Janki says I promise, I will get Rahul and Rati married.

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