Mehndi Wala Ghar 8th July 2024 Written Update

Mehndi Wala Ghar 8th July 2024 Written Update by Amena

Mehndi Wala Ghar 8th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Janki asking why did you come here. Mauli says it won’t be good for the family if Rati becomes the bahu of this house, she is making the family fight the entire society, try to understand her cleverness, she has married Rahul by false promising him and then she blamed him, she can risk your respect for her sake. Janki says no, she has saved our respect, you are ruining our respect, you have decided to get enmity with Rati, you don’t care for any relations, I didn’t think you will fall so low to get Rahul. She cries. Mauli says I m not lying. Janki says you aren’t saying the truth, its enough. Hari comes. He says Mauli has told the truth about Rati. Janki asks did she go to you before coming here. Hari says she didn’t tell me anything, I m saying what I have seen, I have seen Rati with someone. Janki says it’s a big blame. He says trust me, I didn’t wear glasses that day, I didn’t see who is with Rati, they both left till I got my glasses. She says you don’t see without glasses. He says I can see a little. She says you can’t blame Rati. Mauli says I have 7 days to get proof against Rati, I promise, I will expose her. Janki says fine, I promise, I will get Rahul and Rati married after 7 days. Mauli leaves. Rati talks to Vaibhav and Saloni. Vaibhav praises Rati’s plan.

They have a talk. He asks how did Suprabha come. Rati says it doesn’t care, look at the brighter side, she came and spoke in our favor. He says yes, she is dangerous, I m scared, will police come home. Rati thinks all of them are useless. She says I have made Suprabha leave, no one can do anything to the family, I want Rahul and family also.

She shows his visa pic and says congrats, your visa has come. Saloni and Vaibhav thank Rati. He says Rati, I can never forget your favor. Rati says you helped me, as promised, I helped you. Golu comes and says Dadi is calling you. They go. Janki talks to Tanvi and Swara. She says Rati, I told your parents about your marriage, they are happy, they are coming. Rati says I m feeling shy. Janki says okay, 7 days are left for your wedding, do all the shopping. Saloni says I will help Rati. Jyoti and Mauli look on. Janki asks Ajanta to handle responsibility of the gifts for guests. Mauli asks Jyoti to go, there is no way to run from problems. Jyoti lies to Janki about the pandit. Mauli calls someone.

Jyoti goes away. Mauli gets the number and gives it to Janki. She says we have to call pandit, Rahul and I will get married. Tanvi says Ajanta, you are lucky to get saved from Mauli. Janki prays. Rahul gets a special juice for Mauli. They smile. Rati looks on jealous. Tanvi asks Rati not to think. Rati cries and says you heard what Mauli said, Rahul likes Mauli, what about me. Tanvi says I like you, they will never stop this marriage if they care for the family. Mauli comes to the NGO and apologizes to them. The lady says fine, we forgive you. Mauli says I want to say sorry to the person who informed you about this matter, because the matter got solved, I realized my mistake, can you tell me, who is she, please tell me. The lady says we don’t know who called. Mauli asks did she tell anything about her name. Shobha says she didn’t tell her name. Mauli thanks them for the good work. She leaves.

Rahul comes to meet Manoj. He says no one is listening to me, I will not leave Rati. Manoj says don’t do anything. Rahul says we should do something, are you with me. Manoj says yes. Rahul says I have a plan, you call Hari, he went to market. Manoj calls Hari. Rahul thinks to trick Rati to expose her.

Mauli says I got to know who has sent Mahila mandal home, I want the proof to explain Janki, I have a plan. She wishes good luck to Rahul, Manoj and Jyoti.

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