Shrimad Ramayan 8th July 2024 Written Update

Shrimad Ramayan 8th July 2024 Written Update by Amena

Shrimad Ramayan 8th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ram saying I can’t enter Lanka. Laxman asks what about Sita, who is waiting for you there. Ram says Sita won’t like it if I break my ethics, a human shouldn’t break his promise and lose his principals, Mata Kaikeyi’s respect is also connected to this. Laxman says you and Sita are burning in worry day and night, she is waiting for you. Ram says I worry for Sita more than my life, and I trust my Sita, she is waiting for that Ram, who has come to repeat his promise of protecting her, she will come to me, this battle will complete when Raavan returns Sita to me with respect, I will wait for her here, Sita came to Lanka as a hostage, but she will come out as a queen. Parvati praises Ram. She asks how will Ram free Sita and return to Ayodhya in time, how will Ram save Bharat’s life, why is he keeping his ethics. Mahadev says he is Maryada Purushottam, Ram will answer all the questions. Hanuman greets Ram. Ram says Hanuman, I can’t enter the limits of Lanka, but my faith will cross every limits, Sita should know that I will take her and return to Ayodhya before Amavasya, my every breath is waiting to meet her. Hanuman says your message will reach her, but how. Ram asks who is stopping you, go Hanuman and burn the sinners, light up justice and devotion there. Meghnad prays around some tree. The Lanka people see Hanuman and get scared. Hanuman says don’t get scared, tie me again, won’t you burn my tail now. They run away and hide. Angad, Nal and Neel come along. Hanuman burns his tail. The men run seeing this. Hanuman lights fire around. He beats the men. Ram says my arrows have no limitations. Laxman also attacks the Lanka guards. Vibhishan asks what will happen if we burn the Lanka again, what’s the plan behind this. Ram says my reason can get sorrow for you, do you still want to know. Raavan asks what, Hanuman has come again. He gets angry.

He sees Lanka burning. Ram says this fire is to provoke Raavan, his thinking ability will get short, he will send Kumbhkaran now, you had informed me, it will be impossible to defeat him, we have no time, Raavan knows this, he is trying to engage us, but I won’t let this happen, my plan will force Raavan to awaken Kumbhkaran, I know your heart is restless for your brother but this attack is imp. Raavan talks to his Asurs. He asks Shardul about Meghnad’s puja. Shardul says he is praying to Vratvriksh, he will then pray to Devi Nikumbala. Meghnad says I m ready to pray to Devi Nikumbala, bless me, Brahmadev, after this puja, no one can defeat me, I will become undefeatable forever. He goes to the cave and prays to Devi Nikumbala. Raavan gets a sword. He says this won’t happen, I will punish them. The Asur says no, Kumbhkaran, Meghnad and I are there, Kumbhkaran will wake up after 2 days, if we wake him before time then he won’t be immortal, we have to call Meghnad, only he can save Lanka. Raavan says prepare to awaken Kumbhkaran. The Asur asks him to think again. Raavan says I know this, no one knows Kumbhkaran’s power more than me, he will bring Kaal for those vanars, obey my command and wake up Kumbhkaran, I want to see Ram and this battle’s end as soon as possible.

Kumbhkaran attacks Ram and army.

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