Mehndi Wala Ghar 9th July 2024 Written Update

Mehndi Wala Ghar 9th July 2024 Written Update by Amena

Mehndi Wala Ghar 9th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with a girl coming to the NGO and saying Vicky tortures me, please save me. Mauli looks on. Suprabha and Vicky come. She calls the girl a liar. The girl says I m not lying. Vicky says she had gone on a date with her BF, she met with an accident. The girl says he is lying, he has beaten me. He asks do you have a proof. Mauli comes in and claps. She says your history is the proof, Vicky beats girls and his marriage broke 2-3 times. She asks Vicky not to marry any girl and ruin her life. The lady asks do you know him. Mauli says yes, he was getting related to Mini, he did the same thing, we broke the relation, but his mom got against us, didn’t you see how she was provoking you all against our family. She asks the ladies to help the girl. She says very good, you reported about Vicky, now you are safe, take care. Suprabha gets itching on her neck. Mauli says you have allergy due to bed bugs, I will write a medicine for you, take it, you will get fine. The lady says you are speaking against her and also helping her. Mauli says I m a doctor, and I can’t forget my duty. She leaves. Hari blesses Rati and says you are our bahu, you donate the food, its good thing. Rati agrees. She says you have given me this work, I will do this. She touches the grocery bags and says I have touched it, tell me where to donate it. Rahul laughs. Hari says no, I want you to prepare food for 100 people, we will donate the food to the poor. Mauli comes and hears this. She smiles. Rati asks what shall I make. Hari tells a long list of items. He says your marriage won’t get any hurdle, you have to do this work alone, I don’t want anyone to get the good deeds. Rahul says it was my idea but Manoj helped me. Tanvi says we all will cook the food. Hari says no, Rati has to do this work alone, I want Rati to earn all the good deeds. Rati struggles to cook. Saloni says you have spoiled everything. Rati says I never cooked food in London, how will I make food for 100 people. Saloni says stop. Rati asks can we order food from outside. Saloni says idea is good, I know a caterer, food will be arranged.

Saloni gets the food packed in tiffins. Rati thanks her. Saloni says don’t tell anyone, more boxes are coming. She goes. Rati unpacks the food. Jyoti sees Rati and hides. Rati sees Jyoti leaving. She says she has seen me changing the food, she will tell everything, what shall I do. She gets an idea.

Hari asks who has complaint against us in Mahila Mandal, did you find out. Mauli says no, they have no details. He says its fine, we will get to know it for sure. Janki calls Swara. She asks her to call Rati. Rati comes crying. Janki asks what happened to you. Everyone comes. Rati starts acting. She says Jyoti has added salt in the entire food and spoiled it, all my hardwork got waste, I know Jyoti doesn’t like me, she likes Mauli. Jyoti scolds Rati. She says trust me, she is lying. Janki says let her complete. Rati says I had to take Saloni’s help and order food from outside, I have to donate the food to the poor, sorry for this mistake. Janki says Jyoti, you shouldn’t have spoiled the food. Hari says no. Janki says Rati was doing the work, how can Jyoti spoil the food. Jyoti says I didn’t do anything. Janki scolds her. Mauli says everyone trusts you that you will take the right decision, but Rati is wrong, you know Jyoti well, you scolded her because of Rati, Rati has no proof, Jyoti can never do this. Janki says yes, I know her well, she can cross any limits to keep loyalty to one she loves, she is keeping loyalty to you, if she is with you then I m with Rati.

She asks Hari not to do these things. Rahul thinks my plan failed, I hate you, Rati. Janki says I will cook the food and help Rati. Rati smiles and goes. Mauli asks Rahul not to make such plans. She says Janki and Rati’s bonding will get strong, Rati is smart, we can’t underestimate her. Rati asks what, Mauli went to Mahila Mukti Mandal, did she get a hint. Suprabha says no, I have gone there because of Vicky, Mauli is a good doctor, she saw me and knew about bed bug allergy, my itching left. Rati hears Mauli talking to Golu. Golu says I used an old blanket. He shows it to her. Mauli says its okay, I will give you cream for itching. Rati goes and says Mauli will think about it and catch our truth. Mauli recalls Suprabha. Rati asks Suprabha to stay away. Suprabha says okay. She ends call. Mauli recalls Hari’s words. She asks Golu about the blanket. He says it was kept outside. She says I got to know who has sent the Mahila mandal home, and who is giving her all the info from home.

Mauli and Rahul pray. Suprabha comes to meet Rati. Rati asks why did you call me here.

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