Shrimad Ramayan 9th July 2024 Written Update

Shrimad Ramayan 9th July 2024 Written Update by Amena

Shrimad Ramayan 9th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Kumbhkaran’s son and Shardul taking the army to awaken Kumbhkaran. They ask the soldiers to open the door. The soldiers play dhol near Kumbhkaran’s ears to break his sleep. They try hard to awaken him by various ways. Hanuman and vanar sena burn the Lanka. Angad asks what’s the next target. Hanuman says there are weapons, it will be used against us, we will make Raavan taste his own dish. Kumbhkaran’s son asks the people to get the food, the smell will affect him and he will wake up. Kumbhkaran gets the food smell. Shardul comes to Raavan. He says sorry, I always obey your command, Kumbhkaran isn’t waking up. Raavan says his sleep has to break, Lanka is in danger, I want my Kumbhkaran, I think I have got him blessed by Brahma for this day. Hanuman burns the weapon storage house. Sita hears the Asurs talking about Hanuman. Trijata says don’t know why is Ram burning Lanka again. Sita says Ram wants to battle by heart, he is breaking Raavan’s patience, Raavan’s end is close. Raavan sees Kumbhkaran sleeping. Kumbhkaran’s son says we have tried hard, he isn’t waking up. Raavan asks them to call the elephants and make them get over Kumbhkaran. The elephants are brought there. They also try to awaken Kumbhkaran. Raavan gets angry and says remove this. He asks Kumbhkaran to wake up, Lanka needs him, Lankesh needs him. He yells aloud and asks Kumbhkaran to wake up. Kumbhkaran wakes up. He sees the food kept there and starts eating. Raavan looks at him. Kumbhkaran finishes the food. He sees Raavan and greets him.

He says I m awakened before my sleep completed, it means the reason is big, is Lanka in danger. Raavan says yes, right. Kumbhkaran asks who has made you worried. Raavan says one Vanvasi. He tells him everything about Ram and Laxman. He says Lanka is burning once again, Lanka and the army are in danger, you can save us, I want you to enter the battle field and become Kaal for Ram and his army. Kumbhkaran asks where is Vibhishan. Raavan says he is a traitor, he left me and fell in Ram’s feet, you know I never had any hope from him, you are my faith, you have always stood by me in every battle, Vibhishan sings Ram’s praise, he has told Lanka’s every secret to Ram, he is a coward. Kumbhkaran says I can’t deny this, but I can’t deny the truth that Vibhishan isn’t a coward, its courage to support Dharm, I also feel Dharm is with Shri Ram. Raavan says be careful Kumbhkaran, you are not immortal, I will kill him if you respect my enemy, I have come here thinking you are there to support me, but you are also taking Ram’s side.

Kumbhkaran says no, I m always with you, many lives have gone, you still want to get someone’s wife, destruction is ahead, one who saves the remaining things is wise, can’t you see the truth, why are you writing the fate of Rakshas clan’s end. Raavan says you remember my efforts in making Rakshas clan, I can’t give up. Kumbhkaran says you should return Sita to Ram. Raavan says I have just done this crime, as you think, you tell me what you will do, will you argue or support me by entering the battle field with me, will you show your courage to Ram and his army. Kumbhkaran gets silent. Raavan says you are also a cheater, coward, you eat the food and complete your sleep, I don’t need you. Kumbhkaran says stop, I will do my duty, you are my Lord, my Dharm, I have lived for you, I will die for you, you don’t need to enter the battle field, if you wish to battle then I will fight for your sake, until I m alive, I will become Kaal for Ram and his army. Raavan gets emotional.

Kumbhkaran comes to the battle field. Vibhishan says Raavan has awakened Kumbhkaran. Ram is shocked seeing Kumbhkaran.

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