Mera Balam Thanedaar 5th June 2024 Written Update

Mera Balam Thanedaar 5th June 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Mera Balam Thanedaar 5th June 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Bulbul asking Varnika not to cry, and whispers that thanedar saa will know. Veer says he knows everything. Varnika says you have always saved me, be it when I had done cheating and this. Bulbul says she didn’t do anything great and tells that she always wanted a younger sister, and she is like her sister and friend too. She asks if anyone knows about this at home. Veer says it is a big thing and we can’t hide, have to tell Papa, Maa and Vishesh Bhai. Varnika says they will turn their faces, it is good that I die. Bulbul says she can’t do same mistake again. Veer asks what happened? Bulbul tells him everything. Veer is shocked and asks Varnika why she tried to give her life. He says you have grown big and didn’t tell us, rather than that you thought to die. Bulbul tells that there is a difference between the girls and the boys, and says nobody will tell anything to the guys if anything happens, this happens in society. She says we didn’t have any option and tells that if the photos were leaked then if anyone would have made Varnika as their bahu. Veer cries and says he has failed, his house kids were in pain, but he was not aware.

Sulakshana dreams about Jyoti asking about Bulbul and the guests lady exposing about Bulbul and humiliating her, and Jyoti ending the relation with her. She wakes up and says she saw what is going to happen tomorrow. She says she will take Dhristi with her for Sayyam’s marriage. Vardhan says no, I will not let you do this. Sulakshana cries and asks him to support her. He asks her to sleep and says they will see tomorrow.

Veer cries recalling his moments with Varnika. Bulbul comes there and holds his hand. Bulbul says you are the best chachu and best person, and praises him. He hugs her and says everyone said so much to you and you have to stay in jail, but you stayed for my Varnika. Bulbul asks if Varnika is just yours, if I am not related to her. She says she can do anything for her family. They come to Varnika. Varnika hugs Veer and blames herself, asking him to arrest her. Bulbul says never, I will not change my statement so I will go to jail. Veer says none of you are going to jail, and says as per the forensic report, he died as someone hit on his head repeatedly with heavy object, and says he didn’t die when Varnika had pushed him. Varnika gets happy and cries, saying she didn’t kill anyone. Bulbul says if Sir ji has done the murder. Veer asks Bulbul if she knows anything about Sir ji, and says when she called him, his location was of the college. Bulbul says he had threaened her, and tried to kill them. Veer is shocked and says he knows about you, and tells that the chandelier fall was planned and someone tried to kill Bulbul.

Varnika blames herself for whatever happened. Veer asks Varnika not to feel bad, as she was good with Avinash, but he did wrong with her. He tells Bulbul and Varnika that he has a strong feeling that Sir ji is in the College. He says till then Bulbul has to stay in lock up and says he will shift her to the other lock up. Bulbul says she don’t want to stay alone without Champa and Chameli Aunties, and tells that she has promised to show them Karthik Aryan dance. Veer says when I go to Pushkar, I will ask what Maa had when she was born? Bulbul says Malpua. They laugh. Bulbul asks God to make everything fine.

Precap: Bulbul decides to expose Sir ji and escapes from PS. Commissioner scolds Veer for not leaving the case. Bulbul comes to Principal’s house and says he has ruined many lives.

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