Mera Balam Thanedaar 6th February 2024 Written Update

Mera Balam Thanedaar 6th February 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Mera Balam Thanedaar 6th February 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Bulbul coming to the room. Veer asks her to come. He says nobody has to go from this room, we will manage together. She says my leg is injured while beating gunda bhai sa. Veer makes her sit and tries to apply the ointment. He says our marriage happend in strange circumstances, but I want to start our relation forgetting the past things, and says if you know what is important in building any relation, and says truthfulness and respect. He says if our relation is based on this, then we will fulfill this relation. Bulbul thinks how I will fulfill this relation. Veer applies ointment on her injury and asks her to sleep on the bed, and he will sleep on the sofa. She says no, and says you are tall and shall sleep on the bed, and I will sleep on the sofa. He says no. She says this will decide now and says chits. She writes his name on the chits and tells that his name came. He says he is Inspector and knows that she has written his name on both chits. She says she said it for his betterment. Veer tells Bulbul that he will bear all her foolishness, but no lies. He says today you acted to be fake Police officer, but don’t do this again, NO LIES.

Bulbul dreams of Gita trying to wake her up, but Servants wakes her up and tells that everyone is waiting for her to do puja. She checks the date and how to do puja. She comes downstairs. Vardhan asks her to do puja. Vayu asks if he can help. Bulbul asks him to make garland. She calls Gita and tells that her month started. Gita asks her to tell any woman at home or message Veer. Vishesh comes there and asks her not to talk on phone. Bulbul comes downstairs. Vishesh asks what is her problem, why she can’t do puja. Bulbul says she likes to do puja very much and knows everything. They ask what is the problem then? Veer asks her to take the puja plate, but she doesn’t take it and it falls down. They ask what happened? Bulbul turns and tells that her 5 difficult days started today and tells that she feels stomach pain and is not allowed to do puja for next 5 days. She goes from there.

Vayu says Bhabhi’s period started. Veer goes to her and gives her hot bag so that she gets some relief. He gives her chocolate. He asks her to tell her whenever there is anything. She says it is not easy and tells that till yesterday he was her sister’s would be husband. Devender calls Veer and invites Bulbul to his house for pagphera. He says he didn’t have the courage to call Vardhan. Veer says Bulbul will come there for Pagphera. He goes and talks to Vardhan. Vishesh says you should have refused. Veer tells him that Devender and Gita must be yearning to see her after the marriage. Vardhan says she will go after the puja. Bulbul smiles.

Vardhan asks Veer to make Bulbul wear the jewellery and bangles for the ritual. Vayu asks her to look at him. Veer thinks of her words. Bulbul thinks if she will become suitable for her. Vardhan asks Veer to fill sindoor in Bulbul’s maang. Veer fills sindoor in her maang. Vardhan and others smiles.

Episode ends.

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