Shivshakti 6th February 2024 Written Update

Shivshakti 6th February 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Shivshakti 6th February 2024 Written Episode

The episode starts with Vakrasur walking behind Shiv to touch his head and turn him into ashes. Kartikeya holds his hand and warns him how dare he is to try to harm his father in his presence. Shiv gets happy hearing that and recalls seeing baby Kartikeya. Kartikeya then says his aradhya. Shiv asks Vakrasur if he wants to use his boon against himself. Vakrasur says he intents to kill Shiv and marry Parvati. Shiv and Parvati get angry hearing that. Kartikeya angrily kicks Vakrasur. Vakrasur says he wanted to kill Shiv before and now will kill even Kartikeya. He walks towards Kartikeya. Shiv interferes and asks Kartikeya to return to Kailash as it an issue between him and Vakrasur.

Vakrasur says he is right and promises not to harm Kartikeya. Shiv smiles at Kartikeya and signals him to go. He walks away. Vakrasur smirks at Kartikeya and walks behind Shiv. Narad emerges in front of Kartikeya. Kartikeya greets him. Narad blesses him and says just like he fought with Vakrasur to protect his father, his father asked him to fight with Gan to protect him. Kartikeya recalls the incident. Narad says he wants to kill a king whom he is made senapati of and himself become a king, it’s absolutely wrong. He further says Vakrasur will reach his fate soon.
Brahmadev tells Narayan that Vakrasur is behind Mahadev and wants to use Mahadev’s given boon on Mahadev itself. Narayan says Mahadev himself will find a solution for this problem.

Shankchurn with Rahu and Ketu laughs saying Mahdev’s boon has backfired on himself, Vakrasur will turn Mahadev into ashes and will marry Parvati. Vakrasur says Mahadev is running like a coward afraid for his own life. Shumbh, Nishumbh, and Namuchi walk to Shankchurn and say they are ready to become his senapati. Shankchurn asks them to go and created hurdles in Mahadev’s path so that Vakrasur can reach him and turn him into ashes. Shumbh leaves with Nishumbh.

Kartikeya asks why Mahadev is running from Vakrasur. Narayan says Mahadev is making Vakrasur run instead. Shumbh and Nishumbh burn a patth in front of Shiv and stop him. Kartikeya asks what will Mahadev do now. Narayan says only Mahadev knows what magic he will do next.

Precap: Vakrasur asks Mahadev if he tricks him like this, what would be the value of his boon. Shiv asks him to choose how he wants to compete with him. Vakrasur challenges him for a dance competition. Shiv competes with him and keeps his hand on his head. Vakrasur does same and gets burnt into ashes.

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